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Replacing my 2006 Honda Ridgeline RTL (NAVI model)

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Cargo space
I like the Ford Expedition, the large Lexus SUV's, the large Toyota suv's,
the Subaru Outback.

Priorities: Reliability & durability / Ride smoothness / Front seat support & comfort

Need minimum of 5 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 70000
Maximum age: 5 years

Maximum price: C $ 60000

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Response from Sea-Dan

12:33 pm April 21, 2018

With $60K to spend you have lots of options and definite should go new for the advanced safety features and warranty. I'd say a Lexus would be your best bet.

The current Outback also meet your criteria althought the Lexus is likely to be more reliable. It is a small car like rig when compared to the others which results in much better fuel economy and an easier car to drive, especially in the city. I own a current generation Outback (2015) and we really like it. You could get a fully loaded new one with the 6 cylinder for under $40K (4 cylinder seems underpowered to some but also costs $3K less). There is a small risk in the reliablity realm with an OB but with the $20K you save, that should not be an issue.


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Response from AcuraT

2:31 pm April 21, 2018

Toyota and Lexus stay reliable as they use six sigma very well and don't keep up with the latest technology (still don't have Apple carplay and Andirod Auto on nearly all the models of both Lexus and Toyota, although a couple do have it now). With your three choices (reliablity, smooth ride, quiet ride) are Lexus strengths. So that on those grounds make it your best choice.

The Subaru Outback lasts a long time - Subaru brags in recent ads that 98% of them are on the road after 10 years. What they don't tell you is they need a lot of maintenance to keep some running - about 10% of them burn oil. I own a 2013 Legacy that does exactly that - burn oil. It did afte 41,000 miles and now has about 70,000 miles. It has not gotten worse, it burns about 0.5 quarts every 1000 miles, or a quart every 2000 miles. Half of the limit of what is acceptable. If it burns a quart or more every 1000 miles then will fix (replace) the engine. I don't do that, so they won't. It has not gotten worse 30,000 miles later so I just keep oil handy in the garage and top it off as needed.

Subarus keep up better with technology so it does have Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto as of 2018. They are also slow to adopt newer technology but better than Toyota. They are like a loaded Toyota more than Lexus.

Best of luck.


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Response from NormT

10:32 am April 22, 2018

Motorweek just did a comparison on big suvs.


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Response from LectroFuel

7:08 pm April 23, 2018

I wouldn't go for a big SUV unless you seriously need the space. They aren't that practical as the cargo space is not as practically used compared to a minivan and they just consume too much gas.

I think either a Lexus RX or Subaru Outback are your best choices.

The Lexus RX covers all your priorities: ride, quietness, and reliability. These are much more comfortable than the GX and close to the LX. The GX and LX ride on truck platforms so they are more bumpy. The RX rides on the Avalon car platform. Your Ridgeline rode on a car platform, not a truck platform, so expect the ride of the larger Lexus SUVs and the Expedition to have a more unsettled ride. The RX350L just debuted, but the 3rd row is practically useless. Cargo space is a little more generous in the RX350L, but there is a premium to pay.

The Subaru Outback is a nice driving car. Quiet, soft, and comfortable. The seats won't be as comfortable as the Lexus, but you aren't paying for a premium badge. Space use is very efficient and you could get a fully loaded model with over $15k to spare. It is not as reliable as the Lexus because of oil consumption, but otherwise is pretty reliable.

If you have to go with a big SUV, the 2018 Expedition is a good one. It just isn't reliable yet. Only the Toyota Sequoia and Lexus GX/LX are reliable and they don't drive well compared to the competition. The Nissan Armada is somewhat reliable but still doesn't drive well.

I can't believe no one has mentioned the Envision yet. Seems like a good fit except the cargo space.


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Lexus RX
Subaru Outback
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