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SUC decision?

The Right Car for Me | TrueDelta


New MKC, QX50 or used Porsche Macan?
maybe RDX. GLC300 probably too expensive

Priorities: Powertrain performance / Handling / Feature availability

Need minimum of 4 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 30000
Maximum age: 2 years

Maximum price: C $ 50000

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Response from NormT

6:47 pm April 12, 2018

Best deal going and feature packed for C$45,000.

Sport Utility - 2017 Buick Envision Premium II in Airdrie, AB $45,000

Sport Utility - 2017 Buick Envision Premium II in Airdrie, AB $45,000

2.0L 4 cylinder engine, Bose speaker system, navigation, moonroof, heated front seats, all wheel drive, sound like the features you are looking for? Look no further than this Midnight Amethyst 2017 Buick Envision with all the above mentioned features


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Buick Envision

Response from AcuraT

1:28 pm April 13, 2018

Lincoln MKC 0-60 is 7.8 seconds but it is not very reliable according to TrueDelta or Consumer Reports. QX50 no one has data on but the QX60 both TrueDelta and Consumer Reports say it is not reliable. 0-60 time is 8.3 seconds. The Porsche Macan will be the highest performance of the three but also not so reliable and extremely expensive to fix.

So if you truly prefer Powertrain perfromance / handling / feature availabity and don't care about reliablity, your choice is clear the Porsche. It scored the highest at Consumer Reports and is more reliable than the other two cars you mention. 0-60 time of 6.4 seconds or the fastest of the three (also handles better).

If you DO care about it being reliable then you have to consider other less sporty options such as the Acura RDX, RX (Lexus), and even the Enclave Norm mentions (it is probably going to be more reliable than any of those three choices you list as well.

Good luck.


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Response from LectroFuel

5:49 pm April 13, 2018

The 2019 RDX would be my first choice since it looks to be the first competitive Acura in a while. I've never loved any Acura even though I love Hondas, but this one seems like it will be great and it is something different from the common Mercedes or BMW. First year reliability will be poor I'm guessing since they have changed everything. Or you could get a 2017/18 RDX, but it is transitioning from "old" to "ancient." On the bright side, the current ancient model will be more reliable than any other option in the segment aside from the Lexus NX300 and you'll get some big discounts. Dealers will want to move these off the lots.

My second pick would be a CPO used GLC300 because it is has a nice balance of handling and luxury like most Mercedes' do. It's Motor Trend's SUV of the year and Consumer Reports really likes it. Much better than the old GLK. The interior is very nice.

The MKC is a glorified Ford Escape. Reliability has been bad since it debuted and there are so many better options.

I like the new 2019 QX50, though the interior is already sort of dated. The engine technology is very interesting though. Reliability will probably be even worse than the MKC.

The used Porsche Macan is a good choice if you want an engaging driving experience. My dad has a 2014 Panamera and hasn't had any problems since he bought it. It's a very solid car and is lots of fun. The Macan is just an upright version of a 911 and is the sporties option on the list. It isn't the one you should buy if you want the most comfort or utility. Since it doesn't provide much utility and it is an SUV, it defeats the purpose of owning an SUV in the first place. Because of this I'd get a Cayenne which has a similar starting price. My brother in law used to own a 2015 Cayenne GTS, which is more like a track car. He loved the car before it got rear ended and bent the frame.

I doubt you'll be able to find a 2019 RDX because I don't think they are on sale. I'd pick up a used CPO GLC300. Another one you should add to the list is the 2017+ Audi Q5. It is the perfect balance of sportiness and comfort. Audi is the most reliable of the German brands along with Porsche (VW brands), but they will still be expensive to fix. If you don't want to pay for many (expensive) repairs, the current Lexus NX300 F Sport or Acura RDX are worth a shot. The Envision will not provide any steering feedback or sense of fun. It doesn't ever seem like NormT reads what the OP wants, and his response was no different. The Lexus is a little more responsive, but still numb. A great budget alternative is the 2018 Mazda CX-5. It offers a very nice interior and is quiet, but also is more fun to drive than the GLC300, NX, Envision, and MKC.


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Mercedes-Benz GLC
Porsche Cayenne
Acura RDX

Response from NormT

10:11 pm April 13, 2018

The early Macan had a unusal result in CR Emergency Lane change test locking up the tires and leading to a 51.5 mph top speed where Buick Envision Prem went through at 55.5 mph.

Porsche Macan Behaves Strangely in Consumer Reports' Accident-Avoidance Maneuver Test - Consumer Reports News

Porsche Macan Behaves Strangely in Consumer Reports' Accident-Avoidance Maneuver Test - Consumer Reports News

Porsche Macan behaves strangely in Consumer Reports' avoidance-maneuver test.
I'd wait.for the professional reviews of brand new and redesigned 2019 RDX as the chassis is a CR-V and the engine and transmission from the Accord. Honda has really gave Acura thr short end of the stick for more than a decade. The youtube reviews has the 2019 RDX with a large hood gap on one side and glove fitment that is worthy of a Civic. Look at the Pilot rear door gap to see typical Honda panel fitment from Ohio assembly.


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Response from LectroFuel

1:16 am April 19, 2018

I actually just drove my dad's loaner car today, a 2018 Macan. It was a base model and the only options were a pano sunroof, lane keep assist, parking assist, $200 upgrade wheels, and beige suede/leather interior. Final MSRP was $55k.

It had the 2.0T. Acceleration was very good from a stop, but on the freeway I actually considered it slow (and I drive a Prius). The turbo makes a big difference going 0-40 mph, but going 70 MPH and passing someone takes a while. I didn't expect it to be a rocket because it is a 4 cylinder, but my son's Mazda3 feels quicker when passing on the freeway. Shifts were almost imperceptible with the 7 speed PDK. MPG numbers were 20/25, not great, but just bad for a 4 cylinder. Overall, I would get the Macan S for the more powerful engine. The 2.0T gives you the less appealing sound of a 4 cylinder, too. All the other German brands are going with 4 banger turbos, so I guess this one is not much different.

It handles very well for an SUV as expected and didn't feel tall and narrow. There is no way a Buick handles as well or better than this, sorry to disappoint everyone. In fact, there is probably no SUV in the class that handles better. At the end of your CR article Norm it says, "The takeaway? The Macan is the most agile SUV we've tested, albeit one with a quirk in our avoidance-maneuver test." I like cars that handle well, and I don't diss the handling on cars because they act weird or have a lower speed in an avoidance maneuver. I don't steer like that on my commute to work or when I turn into a mall parking lot. I steer like that for maybe 5 seconds in my entire life when I am avoiding an accident.

The thing that shocked me most about the car was the ride comfort. The Macan was agile and still provided a very comfortable ride. I would consider it on par with my Prius for ride comfort and the handling close to a Mazda3, which are both high praises. This was riding on 18"s, not the 21"s. The cabin was quiet, too.

The interior is very high quality. Leather covers almost everything and feels on par or above the others in the segment. The infotainment system had a quick response time. The seats were pretty comfortable, though other Porsche seats I have sat in were better. The backseat was shockingly roomy and has it's own auto climate control and 2 USB ports. The trunk is very small for an SUV, but they give you a power trunk standard. Not standard is push button start!

I have not driven many SUVs, but I felt the driving position was lower than a RAV4 and ease of access and exit was harder IMO than a RAV4 because of the side seat bolsters. This should be expected before buying.

I didn't think I was going to like it, but I liked it more than my brother in law's Cayenne GTS because it is much more fun to drive. I'd give it a 9/10. You feel special when you own a Porsche as opposed to a Mercedes or BMW, so I think the $47k starting price is well worth it.


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Porsche Macan
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