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Looking for a used full size suv under $25,000. Willing to look at 10 plus years old, as long as it is reliable. I have looked at and want something similar to Tahoe, Expedition, Sequoia, or Armada.

Priorities: Front seat room / Reliability & durability / Front seat support & comfort

Need minimum of 7 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 120000
Maximum age: 10 years

Maximum price: US $ 25000

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Response from LectroFuel

1:10 pm June 29, 2021

The Toyota Sequoia is the most reliable full size SUV. Toyota Land Cruiser is not really full size, but is worth checking out if you don't like the Sequoia for some reason. Just make sure any SUV you are about to buy was maintained well. I believe both Toyota SUVs have timing belts in most of their engines.


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Toyota Sequoia
Toyota Land Cruiser V8
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