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Questions with Saab 9-3 Recommendations

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  10 responses   Keep the Protege5, get an RX-8, or neither?
Ten-Year Veteran

About five years ago I briefly considered getting a Honda S2000, then a Mazda RX-8. My father then bought one of the latter. We figured that once he tired of it, I'd take it off his hands.

It took much longer than he expected, but he has now tired...
  9 responses   Winter friendly car

Subaru Impreza 2010 (used) -- front seat felt cramped, and there was no rear window wiper. Does anyone know if more recent models have the rear wiper?
  7 responses   Station wagon with manual transmission - daily driver

Looking for a FWD, manual transmission wagon or crossover, under $24k. This is a very small pool of vehicles in the USA.

Settled on a Mazda CX-5 or VW Golf Sportwagen. Unfortunately, the Mazda, though roomy, has anemic performance (manual transmission models get a smaller engine - why???)....
  5 responses   quick and cheap around Los Angeles but still able to handle long highway jaunts

My wife and I, both in our 60s, have been driving around Los Angeles in a 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis that's banged up and runs okay but is in the process of falling apart, so we need a replacement - luckily, there's a lot to look at in LA, but...
  4 responses   I'll turn 40 in this car

I have an '04 Saab 9-5 Aero (my second), and I am over the nagging electrical issues and parts unavailability. I feel like I am one major problem away from having a worthless car! My next car doesn't need to be as quick, and I would love a plusher ride....
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  3 responses   Fun, cheap, practical

I'm open minded.
  3 responses   Fun, 4 door, reliable daily driver for work

I am looking for a car that is:
  • 4 Door
  • Reliable: I plan to keep the car for 5 years and around 100,000km
  • Enough room for 2 car seats in the back and a trunk that can fit a stroller/golf clubs
  • Fun to drive. Doesn't have to be overly powerful just a sporty,...
  2 responses   performance, economy,reliability, and comfort

Hi,I'm lokking for the next car after dukes of hazarding my 2001 Saab 9-5 on a snowy feb day in western MN. I need daily performance at a fairly high level for my commute, traffic you ask , no, time management. I'm not rolling in it so its gotta be...

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