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Safe, family transport for a stylish anti-soccer mom

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Any suggestions based on personal experience? Can you help? I am a young mom of two boys who just started elem. school so I'm about to start doing a lot of driving. I work in a style/design industry so it would be nice to have a car that easily transitions with me out of "mom mode". I just said goodbye to my 1983 Mercedes 300D after leaving me stranded for the last time. (Besides an affinity for classics, I have the unfortunate tendency to pick the esthetically pleasing over the responsible choice.) I've kind of learned my lesson. I have narrowed down my choices to a Volvo XC90, and a Volkswagen Tiguan. Size is not a problem, I navigate my husbands Ford F-150 like a champ. Please don't advise me on a domestic or Japanese car, unless you are very persuasive!I am looking at used, pre-owned;there are some nice options in my area. My budget is around $17k. I have always loved the Volvo, but getting a slightly newer Tiguan feels more practical, although I'm not entirely sure why.They're both safe, and the maintenence costs are higher than the average car, but are they way above average? ie; I keep hearing about the transmission in some years/models of the XC90. Which vehicle will be more costly to maintain overall? I am open to all practical advice and experienced suggestions, if anyone can share.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Priorities: Price or payments / Exterior styling / Safety & braking / Warranty, maintenance cost / Reliability & durability

Preferred Bodystyle(s): Wagon / SUV

Car Needs: Daily commuter / Family transporter / Errands about town / Client-facing

Need minimum of 5 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 70000
Maximum age: 9 years

Maximum price: US $ 20000

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Response from Member6321

9:26 am February 8, 2015


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Volvo XC90
Volkswagen Tiguan

Response from mkaresh

12:46 pm February 8, 2015

With Volvos newer is definitely better, and the XC90 is a very old design at this point. If you can find the smaller XC60 in your price range, that's the way I'd go. My wife loved the last one we reviewed. The only model year that is bad in our stats is the first one, the 2010.

You meant the Tiguan, and not the Touareg? The Tiquan is much smaller than the XC90. It's also not nearly as upscale. The Touareg is probably more what you are looking for, but to stay within your limit the newest you could get would be a 2010, and VWs often less reliable once they're over 4-5 years old.


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Volvo XC60
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