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Teenage daughter car

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i was looking for a safe reliable car for my daughter. I live in a big city so I was looking for some of the recent safety systems which limits choices. I ended up buying a Corolla (2018) that I stumbled upon at my target price. Even though I have already made my choice I thought I would give some early impressions.

The car has a cvt and has little power, which is fine for my daughter but I find dreadfully slow. The are no positives on the Cvt. My son has a 4 cylinder Camry and it's night and day.

But out the car is exactly what you'd expect. It's a tidy size. The controls are simple and direct. The safety system is ok but not quite as I had hoped. The autonomous braking doesn't appear to be as advanced as our Outback so I probably could have done without it on an older car.

The car is an appliance which is why I bought it. A manual tranny might wake the car up a bit but that was out of the question due to city size and driver experience. I do like the size and visibility though.

Priorities: Reliability & durability / Safety & braking / Warranty, maintenance cost

Need minimum of 4 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 50000
Maximum age: 3 years

Maximum price: US $ 14000

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Response from LectroFuel

5:31 pm May 19, 2019

Thought I would leave this here since it is also a Corolla.

Bought a 2014 Corolla on 2/10/19, been to the dealer 21 times since. Driving about 22 miles back and forth totals to about 460 miles of driving to and from the dealer. They said they would replace a broken radio (constant reboot). Took over 3 months for the part to arrive. Once they fix it, I notice the screen calibration is way off. Unable to touch the bottom half inch of the screen. The A/C has also never worked for an entire drive.

Also, they told me they would give me a warranty on it for free (90 days, 4000 miles). Took a pic of the "buyer's guide" window sticker as proof because I knew that if something was wrong they would lie about not having a warranty. The sticker says that A/C repairs are covered 100% in parts and labor. I knew that the compressor needed to be replaced because the exact same symptoms were displayed in our car as the TSB. I gave them several papers for the TSB, they lost all of them. They say my car is not covered under warranty. I have to go up there 7 more times to show them that the A/C is not working and fought with them to accept my warranty claim. Once I told them they would have to pay for an arbitrator (as part of their contract I signed), they quickly said they would look into the situation.

They never returned our calls for a few weeks. Hence why I had to drive there 21 times in total so far. They said they would replace the compressor if we pay half. I said no because the warranty covers 100% parts and labor. They agreed we had a warranty and they "made a mistake" in their computer system. Still, I bring up arbitration again and they they say they will recharge the freon despite me saying that I know that the problem is the compressor. They recharge it and the A/C still doesn't work all the time. I have to come back several more times to replicate the symptoms. I show them that it doesn't work and they they tell me, "You know, the only reason we are helping you is because you took a picture of the warranty sticker on the car. We are going to spend $2000 on this car, which completely blows off our profit on this car!" If they diagnosed it correctly the first time and followed my advice they wouldn't have had to spend $2000, see my face again, and lose my business.

This past week I went in because they said they had the compressor in stock and they would replace it. When I get there they say it will take a week to ship. They replaced the expansion valve instead and the A/C still doesn't work and the screen is still not calibrated. Now I have to prove to them again that the A/C doesn't work. It's too bad the lemon law doesn't work with used cars. It isn't the car's fault when the owner knows what to replace; it's the dealer.

The dealer also replaced the bald tires from the previous owner with ultra-high performance summer tires from a brand I have never heard of until now. 30,000 mile warranty and IT'S A COROLLA. What Corolla needs summer tires? When my teenage son drives this car in the rain, I don't want him to lose control because the dealer put on summer tires on "the epitomy of an economy car."

Don't ever buy a car from any AutoNation dealer, let alone service the car. They are crooks. The fact that AutoNation is a huge corporation means they have the money for warranty repairs.

Also I agree that the CVT is dreadful and the car just is not enjoyable to drive at all.

In the end, my son likes the car, it's reliable, and safe, so that's all that really matters in a first car. The dealer is the real problem here.


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Response from AcuraT

10:05 am May 26, 2019

Lectrofuel, I am sorry you bought it from Autotrader. I would have warned you not to do it if you had asked. They have been well reported on the national news for not doing warranty recall work (ABC and CBC in Canada), they re-sell substandard cars (as you are experiencing) and they are out to make the most possible. Individuals are the best to buy from followed by regular dealers which will usually only sell cars in good condition. Of course I have that checklist I posted once I here I use when buying a used car so I have never bought a bad one - even when I bought 5 year old cars.

I assume you already plugged your VIN number into the NHTSA database to ensure all recall work was done (I trust you did that as you are very knowledgeable). However, thanks for sharing your experience as others will hopefully avoid them as well.

I have nothing to add on a Corolla as everything here is stated already. Probably will give my kids when they turn 17 our 2013 Subaru Legacy which right now has 85,000 on it That won't happen for another 4 years and 5 months so it will be 10 years old then and will have over 100,000 easily at that point. It already has the Eyesight system so it has the safety features we desire. I figure it is safe, durable, and will get them from point A to B. I tend to keep cars 10 to 14 years so I only buy ones that are reliable and built for a long time before I buy them. If the Subaru falls apart then I will pull out that used car buying list and find a used car for them that I trust to last awhile.


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Response from LectroFuel

1:18 pm May 26, 2019

AcuraT, do you have a link to an article on the AutoNation scams? I tried to Google it but I couldn't find anything. My specific AutoNation dealer actually has a D- on Better Business Bureau. The name is AutoNation, not Autotrader like you just said but that might have been a typo. AutoNation is the largest dealership network in the U.S. and the second largest used car dealer after CarMax.

When they handed us the keys to the car, they left ALL of the previous owner's personal information in the glovebox such as their insurance cards, registration, and even a paycheck. So we know who the car belonged to, their address, name, and salary. That is something we can bring up in small claims court or arbitration.

Just got the compressor replaced (supposedly), but the A/C is still warm. Currently we have a hole in the dashboard that I can fit my entire head in because the touch screen is getting fixed again.

Yes, all the recall work has been done including the software update to the CVT. I think I'm only buying private party, CPO, and new cars from now on. No more dealer cars with a small 90 day warranty.


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Response from AcuraT

7:27 pm May 26, 2019

Unfortunately Lectrofuel, the TV stations run the story, Autonation reacts (not Autotrader - typo as you said), the story is closed and pulled offline. The older ones from CDC (Canada) and ABC News NY have been pulled. However here is a recent incident from Texas ABC Channel 13 not pulled yet. Autonation of course fixed it again (they hate the bad publicity). They are very shady and they are reported on all the time by the TV outlets. It is unfortunately a dirty secret of the industry that has been going on a long time.


Here is a website with over 300 complaints on Autonation - many giving it one star reviews. Refer anyone to this site if you want to discourage them from Autonation - you will note many of the stories sound like yours:


The stories pop up all the time. I am really sorry you bought from Autonation when you should have run screaming in the opposite direction. Even Scotty Kilmer has done a video on youtube essentially saying never buy from them. Unfortunately, cannot find that one specifically but if I do I will add it here.


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