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comfortable, latest safety techs for 70 yr old and easy informtainment unit

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I want a quiet comfortable suv with latest sarety elements. i have considered Rav4, santa fe, murano, seltos, and sorento.

Priorities: Ride smoothness / Front seat support & comfort / Safety & braking

Need minimum of 4 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 36000
Maximum age: 3 years

Maximum price: US $ 25000

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Response from LectroFuel

1:19 am April 12, 2020

Out of your choices, the Sorento and Murano will have the quietest interior and most confortable rides. But the Murano has Nissan's CVT, which is known to break. The Kia has the better infotainment system.

I strongly suggest looking at a Subaru Outback. They are more comfortable and easy to live with. They have safety features standard. Their larger infotainment system is a little hard to use, so I would stick to the base model with the smaller screen or go used.

The Subaru Crosstrek has an easier infotainment system, a comfortable ride, and the interior is a little loud.

The RAV4 is noisy, but rides pretty well and has an easy infotainment system. Same with the Seltos.


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Subaru Outback
Kia Sorento
Subaru Crosstrek

Response from Sea-Dan

10:46 pm April 20, 2020

Hi Sara, another member of the 70 y o club here. We have a 2015 Outback and am a big fan of Outbacks. LectroFuel has astutely already suggested the OB and Cross Trek as alternatives for you to consider. I'd also the Honda CRV to your list.

I think you're best bets are Sante Fe, Murano, and Outback. The Sorento is nice but it is a 7 passenger rig and perhaps larger than you need. As sort of a mini-Outback Crosstrek is also very nice if you don't need the space offered by the other larger models mentioned above. But it is not going to be quite as cushy as the larger ones. If you get a car 2018 or later model, they are all likely to have the important safety features you desire. Seltos is somewhat of an economy car & if you take a look at it, I think you will see that right off the bat.

Sante Fe is a very nice car with lots of content making it the best value proposition and it has the best warranty ? important if you expect to keep this car longer than 5 years.

Both Honda CR-V & Outback w 2.5L engine are also good values and generally reliable. Honda has taken some heat for oil dilution problems with its 1.5T engine but you can find mechanical complaints for any of the above.

The Murano is going to be the most comfortable cruiser. It is also the most expensive, but often there are good deals to be had on these. My understanding is that Nissan's CVT issues were mostly resolved about 3 yrs ago.

If you don't mind sitting through 25 minute videos Alex on Autos has an excellent review on the 2019 Murano and compares it with the Sante Fe (which he prefers). You can also see reviews of any of the above vehicles there. His videos are very informative with good comparisons of competing models although you need to sit through some mundane technical and styling details to get to the comparisons in the last 3rd of his videos.


Any of the above cars are really quite good. At $25K you are either going to have to go used or get a base model. Some of the base models may lack the some of the desirable safety features. I'd suggest you watch the Alex videos, price the ones you like best on the internet, boil it down to 3, then go sit in them in the showroom. Most likely you will quickly get a sense of which you like the best. Then get the longest test drive you possible can before making a final decision.

We'd love to hear what you choose and try to answer any other questions you might have. Happy car hunting.


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Response from NormT

8:11 am July 6, 2020

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