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fuel efficient, compfrtable travel vehicle with a sporty, and luxury look and feel

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Sought a full size, fairly fuel efficient, as well as stylish vehicle. Looked at Ford Fusions, Cadillacs and Chrysler 300C models. Bought a 2014 Chrysler C with 14K miles for 25K. The only concern was the Hemi 5.7 engine. Drove this engine as well as the V6 with 295 HP. Basically both were fine, the 6's advantage was the 8 spped tranny and its fuel economy. The Hemi had Old fashioned get up and go and the "fun" that goes with driving such a vehicle. Buying a Used car saved us over 5K that easily paid for the gas cost differential over the 4 years we plan to keep it. If a 6 cyl. was available as a used car we likley would have purchased it, but C models until recently always seemed to have the larger engine. After a long test drive to verify mileage reports, we got 26 MPG on mostly highway driving. Mixed suburban/hwy returned about 21MPG. After checking the True Delta member reports for the Hemi (used the Charger samples as the engine is identical and few report exist for the more expensive Chrysler C) our experience reflects the site sample. (25 Plus on the highway and low 20's locally). Certainly the 6 will best these numbers, but an 8 is our usual choice. So far were very pleased. The curb appeal is great, nav system convenient and fun to use, plus regular gas saves even more over our previous premium user and the wife loves the rear view camera. Drove a friends fusion and did not like the ride and poor handling characteristics. The Caddies are ok, the MPG is almost identical except it has less "charisma". Chrysler is discounting the 300's heavily now as it will get a facelift next year. If your wallet allows, get the C model with all the upgrades. See future reports on mileage and other commentary.

Car Needs: Family transporter

Need minimum of 5 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 20000
Maximum age: 2 years

Maximum price: US $ 30000

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Response from mkaresh

6:13 am July 2, 2014

This sounds like a review rather than a request for suggestions of what to buy. We have a separate site area for the reasons to buy or not buy a specific car. Do you think you could use what you've posted here as a basis for a review there?


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Response from willied

9:43 am July 2, 2014

Interesting that you found the Focus to have poor handling characteristics. That goes against basically every review I've read of it.


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Response from Member6093

2:21 pm August 16, 2014

Drove a freinds Focus on the Fla turnpike and was most unimpressed. My other car at that time was a Jag xk8 which handled impeccably. There was no comparison. The steering had no road feel, it had a definite understeer and was a pain to drive. Based on this experience I didn't even consider it as a choice. The Chrysler Hemi 300C handles great for a large sedan with the factory tires, (a set of Firestones). I'm sure once I replace them with some performance rubber it will show a great improvement. Getting to love the Hemi more and more. Its a blast to drive, faster than my Vet, and gets 22/23 MPG local and averaged 28/29 MPG on a 4,000 mile trip up north. No complaints about it at all so far.


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