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fuel-efficient camp car and/or camptrailer hauler

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Ok this is a lot of variables. I have a prius now which I have camped in, and it was quite doable. I love the good gas mileage and the fact with it being a hybrid that I could, if need be, leave it running for a while if the temperature outside were too cold or too hot to sleep comfortably. But I would love more room. Ideally I'd like a car big enough to sit on a storage box in the back and still have head room to sit up. The box (one on each side) would hold gear including a cook stove and the tops of the boxes would support a pull out bed platform to use with the rear seats folded. There are lots of examples of this sort of set up in Europe but can't really find a car that fits the bill here in the USA. Second ideal would be a car able to tow a very light trailer. The Rav4 hybrid can tow 1750 pounds. That's barely enough for the lightest trailers that would be comfortable but am seriously considering the Rav4 hybrid. It's a bit small inside to turn into a camper which even with a trailer I'd want to use it as sometimes. Reliability is probably of first importance to me with fuel economy being right up there. Of course safety and then comfort would be very nice. Another downside to the rav4 hybrid is there are no used ones yet for the depreciation hit to have been absorbed. Also not a proven record although of course the regular Rav4 and Toyota's hybrids are proven to be great cars.
Well like I said quite a wish list and I've considered the Toyota Highlander hybrid (very expensive and have gotten different est on gas mileage but the 28 figure wouldn't be too bad) and Subaru Outback and Forester as they get good reliability reviews and owners seem to love them. Also the Toyota Sienna for the massive room and easy removal of the second row seats (but bad gas mileage). Oh and the prius v except that would be a definite no on the towing ability but at least more room than my regular prius. I've been studying up on this for a loooong time. I know I'll have to give somewhere so please no snarky remarks. I've never posted on anything before but have read plenty.

Priorities: Reliability & durability / Fuel economy / Towing

Preferred Bodystyle(s): SUV

Car Needs: Errands about town / Long trips / Towing or hauling / Fun toy

Primary Driver(s): Senior driver

Need minimum of 4 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 30000
Maximum age: 3 years

Maximum price: US $ 38000

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Response from Member6615

12:00 pm March 31, 2016

You sound like you are describing a Jeep Renegade to me. For 10k under your budget, has the room you need, comes with 4wd, can tow a ton, there are used models available (of the 2015), and gas mileage is decent at 25 combined. Comsider the trailhawk model if you are interested at all in being able to go off road. It's no Wrangler, but you'll still have a lot of fun, and get 10mpg more than a Wrangler does. I have 20k miles on mine and would buy another in a heart beat.


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Jeep Renegade
Jeep Cherokee

Response from mkaresh

5:35 pm April 3, 2016

I wonder if the Ford Transit Connect--engineered for Europe--might not fit the bill. Much more agile than a conventional minivan, decent fuel economy, and tons of vertical space--similar to a minivan and about ten inches more than a crossover. With the regular wheelbase I think you don't need to get a third row. Ford rates it to tow 2,000 lbs. You'll find my full review in the links beneath the photo.


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Ford Transit Connect

Response from NormT

11:52 pm July 22, 2017

Under $38,000 you could save $10,000 and get a 2016 Buick Envision for @29,XXX. The smaller Smaller Encore can be had jnder $17,000.


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Buick Encore
Buick Envision
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