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fun to drive, comfortable, mid life crisis

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looking to replace a ridgeline and pilot. Both have been excellent beyond my expectations, approaching 200,000 with no major issues.We always bought stripped down models, so we would finally like to get loaded vehicles- leather/sunroof/heated seat- and after looking at the prices of new (and being shocked!) have been seriously considering a uses rx350 to replace the pilot.

we both put on about 18,000 a year.

for the ridgeline replacement, loved it, but it was used primarily as a family hauler. I am looking for something "comfortable",smaller, and fun to drive on weekends-(since during the week i am mostly in traffic) with a little storage for weeked trips with the kids(2)

i would be looking for all wheel drive (live in the northeast) and i think i would miss the view height if i bought a sedan.

i have been considering:
acura RDX
Infiniti QX70
volvo sx60 T6

love the look of the grand cherokee and the edge sport, but reliableility worries me and when i see recalls every year (sometimes for the same thing) It tells me to stay away.

any opinions advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Priorities: Handling / Materials & workmanship / Safety & braking

Need minimum of 5 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 40000
Maximum age: 4 years

Maximum price: US $ 32000

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Response from LectroFuel

12:49 am October 20, 2017

You are right about the Edge and Grand Cherokee. Nice cars, poor reliability.

The Lexus RX350 is a great car, probably the most reliable luxury car, not fun to drive, but is very comfortable. Great road trip car. It's the best selling luxury vehicle in the U.S. so I guess it's the Camry of luxury SUVs for better or worse.

I don't like the Acura RDX, but some people do for its simplicity and how it feels like a Honda. It's just not competitive with most other luxury crossovers. It is reliable though.

I rented an Infiniti QX70 a few years ago and I thought it was fun to drive. The ride was too harsh for my taste, but loved the sound system. Great driver's car, but not for road trips. The interior was very small and sort of cramped, one of the less practical SUVs. My favorite part was the signature Inifiniti exhaust note; the car sounds awesome. Reliability is iffy. I'm not a fan of Nissan, but I really liked the QX70 because it's unlike most SUVs today.

I haven't driven the XC60, but I've heard the seats are comfortable. It isn't reliable so that's probably a deal breaker. Older interior than the other SUVs.

I'm assuming the Pilot replacement is the RX350 and the Ridgeline replacement is the Infiniti, Volvo, or Acura?


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Lexus RX
Infiniti QX70

Response from GJA_164

5:35 am October 20, 2017

Thanks for the thoughts Lecto, you are correct with the replacement plan. looked at a nx200, may take one for a drive. its the uper limit of what i want to pay and i realize not a "sporty" vehicle, but i kind of like the look, interior, and i am afraid (from what i have read) that the smooth ride may win me over.


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Response from NormT

6:58 am October 20, 2017

We are looking at another car and for low $30's the 2016 Buick Envision Premium l AWD keeps poping up on our radar....but we already own one. That is $10,000 MSRP and about the same amount less than a NX200t. The 2016 Envisions all came with AWD with the excellent twin clutch all wheel drive system that is right with BMW xDrive and Volvo's system. The rear torque vectoring is a real power to the outside wheel type, not the brake -based system found on lesser systems like Acura RDX and Lexus RX/NX. We get 30 mpg loaded up on long trips but when I'm by myself I can squeeze 32 mpg at 65 mph. You won't find a luxury $40K cuv with 2.0T AWD that zips through Consumer Reports Emergency Handling test at 55.5 mph that is that efficent.


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Buick Envision

Response from LectroFuel

12:29 am October 21, 2017

GJA_164, I'd take a slightly used RX over the NX. The NX is not too different from a RAV4 on which it is based. The RAV4 is a good car but it's also a $24k car. Still I'd take the NX over the Acura RDX because it's a fresher design. Both Lexuses are reliable though.

I wouldn't take a Buick over a Lexus because with Lexus you have peace of mind and luxury. Buick and every GM brand dropped several ranks in the Consumer Reports reliability survey this year while Toyota takes #1 and Lexus #2. I think GM is feeling the aftermath of completely redesigning their lineup unfortunately. Cadillac and GMC (both made by GM) are at the bottom of the same reliability list comprised of 27 automakers. They also share parts between their four automakers.

NormT, in the Acura RDX, "Up to 90 percent of available driveline torque can be transferred to the front wheels during high-speed driving. During straight line full-throttle acceleration, up to 45 percent of available torque can be transferred to the rear wheels. In hard cornering during acceleration, up to 70 percent of available torque can be directed to the rear wheels for enhanced vehicle dynamics. Up to 100 percent of the torque sent to the rear axle can be applied to either rear wheel as the conditions dictate." Sounds like torque vectoring to me.

That's why they named it "Super-Handling AWD." The RDX does have torque vectoring as do all SH-AWD Acuras.

I also found a car that outsteers the Envision. Yes, it has a 2.0T with AWD. Infiniti QX30 at 57 mph for $30k.


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Response from NormT

10:31 pm October 21, 2017

Electro, that was the original RDX that had SH-AWD. From wiki:

"...The SH- AWD system will be replaced with a simpler and less costly AWD setup. 2013 Acura RDX."

The QX30 is quick through emergrncy hanfling test, quicker than its kissing cousin the Mercedes GLA. But both finish low on CR entry level luxury cuv's list and not even recommended like the higher placed Buick Encore. Which is bottom of the barrel fishing by those two as the Encore can be had for $18K or half their price.

You can cherry pick all you want the Envision is a pretty comprehensive anf dynamic package.


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