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here's a fun sedan comparison...

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Looking for a nicely appointed sedan, not quite midsized, but larger than a compact. What do you think about:

Used Audi A4, B8 ('15 or '16)
New Mazda 3 Sedan

Using the car comparitors, both are basically the same size. They also both have the same weight-to-HP ratio. Here are the only advantages I can see to the Audi (and I drove one too)
-independent rear suspension
-8speed transmission
-Luxury Badge

Priorities: Safety & braking / Quietness / Fuel economy

Will consider new cars only

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Response from Sea-Dan

10:07 pm August 6, 2019

Member4193:Those are both great cars your considering. Of course there are several other similar sized cars that you could be considering. But rather than suggest alternatives, I'll just comment on the two you are asking about.

I agree with your accessment regarding the Audi's advantages.

The advantages of a new Mazda 3 are a great reputation for reliablity (vs Audi's good rep) a new car warranty for 5 yrs & 60K miles, and probably better resale. According to the below site a 5 yr old Mazda retains 60% of its value whereas a 5 yr old Audi retains about 55% of its valuehttps://usedfirst.com/ranks/

I test drove the 2002 M3 and A4 and bought the Audi which was a geat car for 40,000 miles. However the new M3 is getting great reviews & I would go with that rather than an 4-5 year old used A4. That said, I would still recommend you drive both and see what fits your needs and wants the best. Please let us know what you decide.


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Response from AcuraT

7:23 am August 7, 2019

I agree with Danlisahall. If you like the interior of the Mazda as much as the Audi, go with the Mazda. If you want more of a luxury experience, go with the Audi. Otherwise everything you and Danlisahall wrote is true.


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Response from LectroFuel

7:22 pm August 7, 2019

I would go with the Mazda3 hands down. The interior of the new one is astounding for the price, competing favorably to even some new Audis. The A4 is an old platform dating back to 2007. Really should feel older than the Mazda. The interior of the Audi is super old and the Mazda's is brand new.

Mazda made a mistake with the torsion beam rear suspension. At least some reviewers are saying they wouldn't have guessed it was a torsion beam setup unless they were told so. Also, they still have a lot of their 6 speed autos in stock, so they chose to use what transmissions they have in order to save money. Some steps in the wrong direction, but ultimately they succeeded with the interior and premium feel. Fuel economy falls behind some of the competition as well.

These are both compact cars, and they aren't that roomy inside compared to other compact cars. If you want more space, I suggest looking at a fully loaded Civic Touring or Sport Touring Hatch.The Civic does everything well, but the Mazda excels at feeling like you got a lot more than you payed for. I would have to drive the Civic and Mazda, but I would choose the interior of the Mazda with the dynamics of the Civic or the previous Mazda3. I have sat in the interior of the new Mazda3 and it would beat the Audi hands down.

I think after driving the Mazda you would notice the Audi having more low-end torque since it has a turbo. You may have to rev the Mazda more often.

After noting that reliability in the Mazda will probably be a lot better, the Mazda is the no-brainer choice. I would argue the Mazda is the more luxurious.

Please let us know what you decide on.


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Mazda Mazda3
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