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Car Searches Responded To By clearwaterms

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  7 responses   Reliable wagon for my wife

My 5'2" wife loves her 2002 VW Jetta Wagon, but it is time for a replacement. She isn't too happy about the quirks of my Prius Hybrid and is more set on a Subaru Outback. She likes the styling (But is an AUTOMATIC TRANS ONLY driver) The longevity of the Outback...
  10 responses   Reliable, safe, feature-filled, stylish, fun to drive, sedan or hatch

My 18 year old son has been driving my 2005 Prius for a year now and it seems like it is falling apart. I've spent over $6000 in repairs this year. I've never spent any money for repairs on this car until this year and it has 250k miles. He...
  9 responses   fuel efficient, safe, sporty car for my wife

My wife will be needing a car for her new job where she will be providing healthcare to patients at their home. The car we're keeping is our 2013 Toyota Land cruiser to be used as our primary family hauler, grocery getter, and offroad adventure wagon. A goal of ours...
  15 responses   fun, fast, sporty

I had an Infiniti g37s that had been stolen. It had after market exhaust with cold air intake. It was very quick and fun, but I raced a new BMW M3 and the M3 walked away 4 car lengths when we both hit 80mph. We were side by side, nose...
  2 responses   daily driver/fishing truck

Just a reliable older truck
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  2 responses   Manual trans coupe/hatch

I'm currently driving a V6 Dodge Challenger SXT. I'm leaning toward a V8 Mustang or Camaro with a manual transmission. This car is used mostly for a short commute to work, so I'm not concerned about gas mileage. I want something that's fun to drive on the weekends, too.
  5 responses   Fun car

Considering corvette, porsche boxster, cayman, cadillac CT6

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