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BMW Wagon

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Can anyone tell me about the 328 BMW wagon with all wheel drive? Looking at a 2009-2012 year range. My current daily driver is a Toyota 4Runner that I purchased used like all my cars, that currently has over 170K miles. I drive a ton for work, need room to carry several boxes and sometimes need to carry customers. If you have owned a BMW wagon please tell me what has been your experience?

Preferred Bodystyle(s): Wagon

Car Needs: Daily commuter / Family transporter / Long trips

Will consider both new and used cars

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Response from Roccaas

11:27 am January 24, 2016

B ring
M ore
W allet

Especially if you're used to rock solid reliable Toyotas!

(bought M6, should have bought a condo~~~would have spent less!)

loved the driving experience - until I didn't.


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Response from mkaresh

6:01 pm January 24, 2016

The 3 should be more reliable than his M6, but hardly anything is as reliable as a 4Runner. In general I expect recent midsize and smaller German cars to be reasonably reliable for at least 4-6 years--6 years being when the CPO warranties run out, and BMW no longer has to pay to fix them. So the 2009s and 2010s are already iffy. They're usually not awful after that point, but some are.

Do you definitely need AWD? The Acura TSX is a fun-to-drive, reliable wagon with at least as much space inside as the 3.


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Acura TSX
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