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Questions with Buick Envision Recommendations

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  9 responses   Dog/Camping/Grocery/Trip Hauler

A utilitarian hauler for dogs, camping/canoeing gear, groceries, etc. Easy access for a large, older dog is a must. Rear seating, don't much care. My Honda Element has fit the bill perfectly and would buy another in a heartbeat, but those with low-ish miles are few and far between. Looked...
  7 responses   Family hauler

Looking for cross over SUV, comfortable on long trips, good fuel efficiency with exterior style. Key points to make or break car: high price, not comfortable, low MPG. Looked at Lexus RX350 and Audi Q5.
  6 responses   Family AWD SUV

We are looking for a family car. Family is 2 adults, 7 year old, and a dog. It's used mainly as a commuter car (~40km a day), and due to work needs to be able to get around in bad weather (AWD required). Used on weekends for errands, activities (skiing,...
  6 responses   Small SUV

Must have sunroof. I've driven the Buick Encore, mazda 3 hatchback, honda HR-V and liked them all.
  5 responses   best 4x4 or awd suv for senior (ish) couple--must get awesome fuel mileage-dependable

I am looking for an all purpose vehicle. This will be our retirement vehicle. It has be have a low cost of operation so it must be extremely reliable and durable, has to get very good fuel mileage and be able to tow probably a utility trailer with an atv...
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  7 responses   Retirement car

my recently retired wife want a luxery SUV.
  4 responses   SUV for long highway drives, super quiet on coarse concrete interstate surface.

Has to be very quiet at interstate speeds on coarse surface concrete. Comfortable seats for long drives. Room for 4 adults.
Reliabilty is secondary to these two items, I have other transportation.
  4 responses   Semi retirement car

Lexus NX 300- great car, just too expensive, great front seats with support I love. This car has the bare mimum amount of space I need.
Subaru Outback- Front seats not as supportive as I expected, excellent cargo space, little concerned about long term reliability
Mercedes GLK 250- appreciate the...
  3 responses   Safe, comfortable, economical, not a sedan!

I have driven an astro van for the past 20 years. I'm used to being large and tall in my car. I don't like sedans, they are too low. But I'm tired of getting 13mpg when I'm the only one in the car. I need a seat with good back...
  3 responses   Marty's all around car

Basically looking for an errands/go offroad to target practice and occasional larger load capability.
  3 responses   reliable and comfortable wagon diesel for FL

I own a 2007 Toyota Avalon and like its reliability, comfort, features and mpg.
A bit smaller than Avalon would be O,K.
  3 responses   Looking for quiet rides, convenience, some luxury, and reasonable cost of ownership

Looking for advice and recommendations around replacing my 2004 BMW X5 4.4i. I've owned this car for about 8 years, and have been quite happy with it most of the time. Liked the handling, responsiveness, and panoramic sunroof the best as its features. Didn't particularly care for the higher cost...
  3 responses   Reliable, low-maintenance vehicle with good visibility for short, older driver

Currently without a vehicle because previous car became a write-off courtesy of a drunk driver. Thankfully the car was unoccupied at the time. I am a 5 foot tall senior woman and will be the principal driver. I am most concerned with good visibility and low maintenance.
  3 responses   fuel-efficient camp car and/or camptrailer hauler

Ok this is a lot of variables. I have a prius now which I have camped in, and it was quite doable. I love the good gas mileage and the fact with it being a hybrid that I could, if need be, leave it running for a while if the...
  2 responses   Lu's next

Reliable car for weekend mountain trips; daily commuting; and cost effective.
  3 responses   Comfortable, AWD 4x4 that can tow

I'm looking for something similar in size and capability to the current Jeep Grand Cherokee. I like the Jeep and it checks a lot of boxes for me, but I am seriously turned off on the real world experiences people are having with this vehicle. I strongly prefer V8 or...

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