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Questions with Buick Verano Recommendations

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  24 responses   Fun, good acceleration and handling, relatively quiet when cruising, reliable in compact or smaller mid size automobile

New or used is okay. New priced up to low 30s, or late model used, mid 20s. I am a single person so I do not need an extremely practical car but I do want one that is functional in rain and snow. I plan on owning one car. My...
  14 responses   Comfortable, reliable car with some creature comforts

I'm looking for a reliable, comfortable to drive car that will last me 5-7 years. I currently drive a 2004 Mercedes-Benz C Class, which has been and still is a great car. However, the older I get, the more I want something with a smoother ride, especially going over bumps...
  8 responses   A reliable, safe fun to drive, low-moderately priced mid-size sedan or hatch that I cam give to my child when she gets her license in 2019.

I am in the market for a fun, practical 2015-2016 mid-size sedan that I will feel comfortable handing over to my daughter in 4 years when she gets her license. Reliability, safety, handling and quiet comfort are all important to me but may be unatainable for what I will spend...
  6 responses   Introductory luxury sedan with nice interior

I currently have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo X with lots of interior upgrades (leather, large touchscreen, NAV, Bluetooth, rear view camera). I love the Jeep but it's too big for my parking spot. I would like something smaller but which still feels "nice" inside, including leather seats. Because...
  5 responses   Total replacement

Just totaled a 2000 Lexus ES300 that I liked very much. Other cars I have also enjoyed were a 1991 Accord, 1986 Acura Legend, 2000 Toyota Avalon.

I am looking for a quality vehicle with good reliability. Comfort and handling are important, brand less so. The ES300 fit the...
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  5 responses   New car shopping and overwhelmed with choices

i currently drivea 2004 V6 Honda Accord coupe with @ 75,000 miles. City driving (6 miles to gym round trip, 6 miles to work round trip, maybe 100 miles on the weekend). my husband would prefer an American made car (GM), also receive a GM or Ford supplier discount through...
  4 responses   A comfortable commuter that's reliable and not boring.

I have a long highway commute about an hour each way. I would prefer something used, but not too old. I want something that will pamper me, leather seats, toys, and safety technology, but I want it to be relaible and mostly worry free (I'm OCD with maitnence, and I...
  5 responses   quick acceleration, fuel economy, stick, easy to work on, longer life span, safe, cheap insurance

Hi guys,
I think I am greedy. Just got my first car a few months ago. Didn't like it but bought it long story short. however, I planed to keep this car for a few years from now. myabe 2 or 3. And I am looking for a new future...
  3 responses   delivery driving

I'm looking for a car that will be used for long drives/delivery. It needs decent cargo space in addition to the priorities I have listed. The key point that will make or break is cost effectiveness, how long it will last in relation owner cost. Needs to be comfortable enough...
  3 responses   older couple looking for a newer car

honda fit,subaru impreza,chevy cruz,ford focus . we are in our early 70's and this might be our last car. we make occasional long trips to visit grandchildren in college and friends in upstate n y and canada, we have children in wyoming. thanks for any help given.. Hank and sherry
  3 responses   Reliable, fuel-efficient, and comfortable commuter car

Looking for a reliable, efficient commuter with comfortable front seats (lumbar support and not putting pressure on my tailbone).
  4 responses   Reliable used luxury sedans under $15k

Luxury Sedan with good reliability. Cannot be an infiniti (Already own a Q50).
  3 responses   Fun to drive + Fuel Efficient + Decent noise isolation Car for 20K-30K

Actively considering Mazda3 iGrand Touring 2.0L - Like its minimalist interiors, drivability. Worried about ride smoothness, road noise and reliability.

Other cars I intend test driving include 2015 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T/2.0L SEL Automatic, 2015 Nissan Altima SL and Toyota Corolla LE Eco Premium to be sure where Mazda falls.
  3 responses   Bad Mistress

I want a reliable and fun to drive car.
  2 responses   quiet cabin, good handling

Which car should I buy? I need a quite cabin with good handling
  2 responses   Reliable, cost efficient, fun ride

I am looking for a reliable safe car that is well priced and fun to drive. I would like a touch screen technology and tan leather interior.
  2 responses   My dream car

I plan to lease, so dollar amounts are not all that important at this point. However, I am looking for a vehicle that I may want to purchase at the end of the lease.
  1 response   quiet interior while driving

Something with low repair costs, low maintenance costs, do not want flash or cheap low end. A quiet ride is important along with bluetooth for phone.
  2 responses   Fuel-efficient family hauler

Time to replace my 2003 Sentra(200k miles). My sentra hasrequired too much work and $to keep on the road and I am DONE with NISSAN! I value good economy butmy wife drives a lexus and I would like tobuysomething lghtly used that she is not emmbarrassed to ride in. I...

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