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First car, inexpensive, used rarely.

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This is going to be my first car! I'm only driving it to the states like once a moth or so, transit takes care of the rest of me needs very handily in my area and gas is VERY expensive where I live. I haven't looked at any cars yet. I value price and fuel efficiency ablove all other things. It doesn't really have to be a looker, or go very fast, but enough to be safe on the highway. Enough trunk space for a large suitcase. Something I'm not going to worry about putting a dent in, because hey, first car, let's be realistic. Cheap insurance and cheap to fix is going to be a plus.

Priorities: Fuel economy / Price or payments / Front seat support & comfort

Preferred Bodystyle(s): Sedan / Coupe / Hatch / Wagon / Minivan / Pickup

Car Needs: Errands about town / Long trips

Primary Driver(s): New driver

Need minimum of 2 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 250000
Maximum age: 25 years

Maximum price: C $ 9000

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Response from mkaresh

5:39 pm December 31, 2015

It doesn't sound like you have much need for a car. Been renting one when needed so far?

Two strategies make sense to me:

Get an older four-cylinder Honda Accord or Toyota Camry that can't depreciate much more as it sits, but that should still be fairly reliable.

Get a relatively new Ford Fusion. Nearly as reliable as the Accord or Camry, but less expensive for a given model year, as they depreciate more quickly. The main problem with the Fusion is it will continue to depreciate more quickly after you buy it.

I'd suggest a smaller car for higher fuel economy, but if you'll be driving mostly on the highway then a midsize will be more comfortable. The cars one class down are the Honda Civic and Ford Focus, with the same logic as above.

Among hatchbacks, perhaps a Pontiac Vibe or Toyota Matrix. Not especially quick or quiet, but functional.


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Honda Accord
Toyota Camry
Ford Fusion
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