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Questions with Ford Expedition Recommendations

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  6 responses   Road Trip and Weekend SUV

Replacing 2007 Honda Fit- terrific reliablity but no power or size- with an SUV. Want to be able to tow a 3500 pound boat, have all wheel or 4 wheel drive for Montreal winters and light off roading (cottage roads and poorly mantained roads), full luxury features (premium stereo, leather...
  4 responses   4WD SUV, Reliable, Capable in Snow, V8 and 3rd row a plus

Looking for an SUV that can: handle snow in Tahoe, fit four adults comfortably, and is reasonably reliable for its mileage. Bonus points for 3rd row seat to fit 6 adults if necessary (comfort not a big deal), V8/towing capacity for a ski boat and trailer (Mastercraft ProStar 205). Looking...
  2 responses   Large SUV for large family

I am looking for a large car that has plenty of space. I would like a third row seat. I would like something that can haul 6-7 people and 3 weeks worth of clothes/food etc. I would like something that can tow trailers as well (I will not be doing...

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