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Looking to replace my aging Pathfinder

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I am looking at Subaru Forester but I'm concerned about excessive oil consumption on used models.

I am also looking at Nissan Xterra for Off-road capability but I have second thoghts becasue of the poor gas mileage.

What else would it be a good choice to consider?

Priorities: Fuel economy / Off-road capability / Reliability & durability

Need minimum of 4 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 150000
Maximum age: 12 years

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Response from LectroFuel

9:23 am September 22, 2017

Response from podula

11:07 am September 22, 2017

I would spend 10 000 CAD, I live in Vancouver BC. I could go more if it's worth it, I don't need it for daily commuting, just weekend warrior.


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Response from LectroFuel

7:09 pm September 24, 2017

Oil consumption with the Subarus are a problem, but I'm not sure how severe it is. It will eventually lead to engine failure, but it depends on how severe the oil burns. On used ones I think it will be a larger problem, so I'd say avoid them.

Gas mileage is gas mileage, so it's an opinion on how many MPGs you want. Subaru gets way more MPGs than the Xterra.

You should look at a Toyota 4Runner. I owned one 15 years ago and liked everything about it except for the rough ride and it was really slow. They are great for off-roading I've heard and they are very reliable and bullet-proof, more than the Xterra. The 2003-2009 4th generation 4Runner is known as the best generation and can be found for around $10k. Still not great on gas, but that's expected in off-roaders.

Maybe an old RAV4 AWD would be capable. Better gas mileage, more comfortable, and still reliable. It's just not as powerful and not as off-road worthy.

Mazda has the CX-5 but that's probably above $10k. The Honda CR-V I don't think is as capable as the RAV4 at off roading.

For a weekend warrior go for the 4Runner or RAV4. Good luck


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Toyota 4Runner
Toyota RAV4
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