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Questions with Mercedes-Benz E-Class Recommendations

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  5 responses   wife's car

looking for something like a honda crv or maxima
  5 responses   Mercedes E350

Been researching the Mercedes E350. Looking for Black on Black or Black on Gray. Want a car that is reliable and comfortable. Want exceptional fit and finish. I tired of GM junk and crappy workmanship. I bought them brand new. Would like the car to have all the accessories and...
  3 responses   Fun comfortable car. Reliable, fuel efficient, fast acceleration, excellent braking, and handling.

Must have timing chain. Timing belt unacceptable. Bulletproof engine, and transmission. Four, or six cylinder turbocharged models preferred. Rear wheel drive unacceptable. Front wheel drive preferred, or all wheel drive acceptable. Looked at BMW 5 series, Mercedes E class, and Lexus GS. Still doing research.
  2 responses   S5 vs. S4 vs. M3 vs. Evo X vs. STI vs. BRZ vs. Mustang GT... What is most reliable?

Cars I have considered:

Audi S5 - 2009 and up
Audi S4 - 2009 and up
BMW M3 - 2007 and up
Mitsubishi Evo X - 2010 and up
Subaru STI - 2010 and up
Subaru BRZ -
Ford Mustang GT - 2013 and up

My concern is...

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