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Reliable and safe suv/crossover with good resale value

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Currently I own a Toyota Highlander 2015. Now looking for another used 5 seater suv/crossover/wagon. I will be using this for daily commute (approx 60 km per day). As I live in Alberta, Canada so need something reliable and safe for winters. Things that I am looking in next vehicle are as follow:-
1. Reliability
2. Safety
3. Performance
4. Smooth ride
5. Resale value
6. Low maintenance

Also looking for these features: Back camera, Bluetooth, heated seats, AWD
Optional features: Push button, navigation, blind spot detector, heated steering wheel

Below vehicles are on my list but other suggestions are welcome.
Subaru Forester
Subaru Outback
Toyota Rav4
Mazda cx 5
Honda crv
Nissan rogue
Hyundai santa fe sport

Subaru is my prefered choice but I am concerned about oil consumption issues.

Thanks in advance.

Priorities: Reliability & durability / Safety & braking / Ride smoothness

Preferred Bodystyle(s): SUV / Wagon

Car Needs: Fun toy / Family transporter / Daily commuter

Need minimum of 5 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 50000
Maximum age: 3 years

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Response from jasonmreece

1:48 am September 3, 2016

My first question would be why are you wanting to get rid of your 2015 Toyota Highlander? Is it fuel economy, high payments or some other issue that makes you want a different vehicle? That will help to narrow down the best fit for you in a new SUV/CUV.

Without that information (and you didn't specify a budget), I'm going to give you my general recommendations and suggestions-

As much as I hate to say it, I would also be apprehensive about buying a Subaru with the ongoing oil consumption issues. Even if it only affects a small percentage of their vehicles, I wouldn't take the chance.

The Mazda CX-5, Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue and Toyota RAV4 are all going to be more reliable than most, so it's a toss-up in that area. The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport appears to be reliable with the 2.4L engine, but the 2.0L has had some problems.

The Mazda CX-5 has the distinction of being the quickest and most fuel efficient of this group. The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.4 is at the opposite end of the spectrum, falling slightly behind the other three in both acceleration and fuel economy. That's not to say the Hyundai's a bad choice, it's just a question of priorities and personal preferences.

I've watched some interesting tests of the AWD systems in the Subaru Forester, Mazda CX-5, Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. Most of them were comparisons of at least three of them. The Subaru didn't disappoint, but the Mazda's AWD system peformed almost as well in most conditions and even better than Subie's in a few areas. The RAV4's AWD system was the least impressive and the Honda CR-V's AWD was acceptable but not exceptional. These videos were done by various automtive publications/websites and I can't swear to the outcome or validity of the tests. But when a pattern of the same one or two vehicles winning in comparison tests emerges, it makes the results much more believable.

My pick would be the Mazda CX-5. I had to take a quick refresher course on the Candian trim levels since they're different from the U.S. We have the Sport, Touring and Grand Touring, while you have the GX, GS and GT which roughly correspond to ours. Based on your wants/needs, I'd suggest the CX-5 GT AWD. It has standard Navigation, heated leather seats, rear view camera, Blind Spot Monitor w/ Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Bluetooth and Push Button Start (along with Advanced Keyless Entry). The only thing missing from your options list is a heated steering wheel, which is going to be difficult (if not impossible) to find in this size/price class (based on U.S. versions, at least).

The CX-5 GS AWD has Navigation, Bluetooth, Blind Spot Monitoring, Push-button start, heated seats and backup camera also. The GS doesn't have the GT's LED headlights, Advanced Keyless Entry, Bose audio system, 19" wheels, power passenger seat or automatic climate control. The GS also has standard cloth upholstery, but the 'GS Luxury Package' upgrades it to leather, like the GT. Otherwise, they're functionally the same.

One final note, the GT has one option package available- the Technology Package. It includes Smart City Brake Support, Forward Obstruction Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Mazda Radar Cruise Control, Automatic High Beams and SiriusXM. It may or may not be of interest to you, but I thought I would mention it.

Beyond the Mazda, I feel pretty ambivalent about the rest. The CR-V and Rogue have CVTs instead of conventional automatics (and I hate CVTs, but that's a personal bias). The RAV4 and Santa Fe Sport are competent, but just too vanilla, IMHO.


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Mazda CX-5

Response from sandhu

6:31 pm September 3, 2016

Hello jasonmreece
First of all thank you so much for detailed reply. I appriciate it.

I think I didn't mentioned it clearly in my question, I am not replacing higlander 2015. I am keeping it. I need another SUV/CUV. I am very happy with the highlander. Sorry for not clarifying this in my question and reason for mentioning was only to provide additional information what I am currently driving if that helps in picking 2nd vehicle.

Even my 2nd choice after subaru was Mazda CX-5 so I will go for it.

Thanks again for your input. jasonmreece


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Response from colin42

1:36 pm September 4, 2016

Depending on your budget you could look a the Lexus RX Hybrid. Similar to you Highlander but a little more comfortable.

If you looking for a smaller SUV then the CX-5 is a great option.


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Lexus RX
Mazda CX-5

Response from BrunoT

1:07 pm September 9, 2016

Subarus, like Toyotas, hold their value very well. So if buying used, it might not be the greatest bargain. Sometimes, especially like now at model year end, a new one could be a better long term value, so check prices on the web using TrueCar or other sources there.

In addition to your list, I might take a look at the new Hyundai Tucson, it is probably at least as big inside as the RAV4 and has had good reviews. The warranty is great, also, and their reliability has been up there in recent years. You'll get better handling than the RAV4 too, though steering is numb. Also a top safety pick. Might be able to pick up a Sport trim level new for the price of a used 1-2 year old RAV4. (mid-upper 20's US)

Can't go wrong with the Mazda. Fun to drive.


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Hyundai Tucson
Mazda CX-5

Response from agog

8:44 am September 14, 2016

Because of reliability and resale criteria, I would suggest CRV, Forester and Outback. No Toyota for me :).

I went with the 3rd one: CX-5 over others because of look and feel, and slightly more engaging to drive.


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Honda CR-V
Subaru Forester
Mazda CX-5

Response from sandhu

10:18 am September 14, 2016

Thanks everyone for the input.

I am also going for CX-5. First time buying mazda so let's see how it goes.

Instead of used CX-5, I am buying new one because find a good deal on 2016 model.


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Response from agog

5:19 pm January 5, 2017

Response from NormT

7:54 am July 19, 2017

The lower purchase price of $3,000-5,000 on a domestic vehicle has the same results a decade later. So the Japanese car bubble has popped.

The Buick models hold their value really well considering they are a near -luxury brand. They are also discounted line a domestic at close to $10,000 off MSRP.

The Encore is a good choice for subcompact refinement offered by no other cuv in the segment. The Envision is bigger and offers much more of everything that the Encore presents. A segment compeptive feature list but close to $20,000 less than the Germans. No problem leaving the Toyota at home the Buick takes its place at the valet.


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Buick Envision
Buick Encore
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