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Got an outback 2021. The digital dashboard is not safe to use when driving because it expects you to navigate to lower level menues. Looking for equivalent of what I would get with a subaru forester with hard buttons for climate control and other functions. Would like:

1. Car play
2. AWD
4. Adaptaptive cruise control
5. Lane keeping
6. Convenience features like hands free trunk opening.

Priorities: Safety & braking / Audio & nav systems / Handling

Need minimum of 4 seats

Will consider new cars only

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Response from Sea-Dan

3:37 pm November 11, 2021

Yes there are many complaints about the lack of buttons & un-intuitive use of the infotainment system on Generation 6 Outbacks on the Generation 6 forum.
I saw one OB review a couple of months ago that simultanously cursed the OB system & praised that of the current Forester.

Although I not seen nor driven the Forester, apparently it has more manual adjustments for HVAC (and radio?). The current Forester is a very nice car just not quite as "deluxe" as the OB -- But you can get a Forester with all the features you mention . So if you like the Subaru drivetrain & utility, but are struggling with the OB infotainment system, the Forie might be just the ticket for you.

Disclosure: I currently drive a 2015 OB & have a 2022 OB on order (I wish too wish there were more manual controls for HVAC but the longer cargo area and greater comfort of the OB convinced us to get another.


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Response from 24wine

9:37 am November 23, 2021

I drove new Outbacks for several years, but when they switched to the digital dash on the OB I switched to a Toyota RAV4 HYBRID. In my experience it is hands down better.
It tics all your boxes, plus its overall performance, fuel economy and reliability are outstanding.
While it's simular, I'm not recommending a regular non-hybrid RAV4. The non-hybrid RAV4 drivetrain is just crude compared to the hybrid.


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Toyota RAV4

Response from LectroFuel

3:05 am December 10, 2021

I'll recommend a RAV4 hybrid, although the e-AWD system isn't quite as capable as a true mechanical AWD system like the Subaru's. If you need a mechanical AWD system, look at the Honda CR-V Hybrid.


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Toyota RAV4
Honda CR-V
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