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Questions with Toyota Highlander Recommendations

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  11 responses   Replacing a 2012 VW Tiguan

I currently have a 2012 VW Tiguan and am not real happy with it. "German Engineering" seems to have failed here. I leaks, squeeks, has wind noise and the ride is a bit harsh.
I have looked at a few different models including the Ford Escape, the Honda CRV, and...
  9 responses   Family vehicle, no minivans

I need something large enough to fit a growing family, and occasionally to fit adults in the back. Safety and reliability are important, though I'd also like to find something that's relatively fun to drive, if possible. Nothing too big or high off the ground. Low profile is good. The...
  9 responses   Extra vehicle for winter driving

I'm looking for a used 4WD or AWD SUV as an extra vehicle. I will be moving out to the country and we do get some snow. Roads are very narrow and curvy, so I need 4WD or AWD. I want something reliable and I want to spend around $15K.In...
  9 responses   SUV with safety forefront to protect my baby

Has to be safe! Pregnant wife, this will be our family hauler.

Looking for good snow handling.

Style and features are important, I want a nice ride to replace the dinky Hoondai I've had for ten years. I want an SUV that will be my ride for 15...
  7 responses   I can't seem to find my next car : /

Hi there - I am a mess. I have been shopping for 18mo, on & off. Always go back to Ford Edge. Hoping for 2011-13, but budget is saying prev. generation. My SUV HAS to have a sun/moonroof, so that hugely affects cost. Seat 5, but 7 would be a...
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  6 responses   Reliable attractive car for single mom

I'm looking for a reliable, durable used SUV, that looks attractive inside and out, has a smooth ride and is cheap on gas and insurance. What are my best options
  6 responses   Low maintenance, fuel efficient vehicle for my growing family

My family is growing from three to four in April and my Honda Civic has grown too small for our needs. I am looking for a used family vehicle that can serve us for the next four or five year. It must have room for two car seats...
  6 responses   Crossover over medium sized SUV, pull 4000 lb. trailer, factory installed tow pkg., RELIABLE, comfortable, quiet, don't like nav, do like upgraded sound system

ELIMINATED FROM CONSIDERATION: 1.) Nissan Pathfinder (CVT transmission troubles, reliability issues); 2.) GMC Acadia, poor interior design, cramped legroom, distrust of GM; 3.) Suburban V8, too big, too costly, poor mileage, GM distrust; 4.) Chev Traverse, cramped, poor interior, 5.) Honda Pilot, boxy, has the hated joystick for controls and...
  4 responses   Roomy, quiet, comfortable family car

Currently drive 2006 4runner, but would like to switch to something quiet, with a comfortable ride and advanced safety features. I'm a big guy, so roomy interior and comfort are essential.Luxury brands preferred (not keeping up with the Joneses but not into kia/hundai either). I typically own my cars for...
  4 responses   Replacing a 15 year old 4Runner

Have looked at BMW X1 and X3 and MINI Cooper Countryman.
Prefer certified preowned with extended warranty if used car.
  4 responses   Fuel efficient family hauler with 4 people & 2 dogs.

Make or Break a car for me: poor reliability,poor durability,poor safety, poor braking, poor front seats, poor slow powertraine performance, poor mileage and poor cargo space for family and dogs.

I LIKE A VERY QUIET CAR INSIDE TO DRIVE.Can have a good conversation and listen to good music.A Car...
  3 responses   Should the Honda Pilot be written off due to VCM?

I'm looking at 7 passenger SUVs. I love everything about the Honda Pilot, except for all the negative reviews of the VCM. I understand it's worse in cold, I live in Colorado. Also hear it gets worse with age, I'd like to keep it 10 years. So is VCM bad...
  3 responses   Practical

Must have AWD (preferably) or 4WD
  3 responses   looking for a mid size suv, which will carry a family of 4 easily with about 3-4 luggages. It will also be used for daily commute for short distances when not going on family vacations.

Reliability, reliabilty, reliability and reliability. Oh btw, did I mention reliability ?
Everything else comes a very distant second.
Preferences are at least a v6 or even better a V8.
V8's last longer (hence the reliability).
I do NOT want a souped up turbo charged or supercharged engine.
Those engines...
  2 responses   quality made 7+ seater, 4 kids seats, 6ft5 driver, long commute

interior space (for 4 children's car seats and a tall driver), fuel efficiency (highway/incity 50/50), and build quality are very important, as is overall bang for buck/value. Seat quality for the driver is as well, as I have problems with sciatica/lower back pain.
I have looked at the chrysler, hyundai,...
  2 responses   family hauler

A lot of mpgs + safe + comfortable + a lor of space in the back seat (forester, crv, cx-5)
  2 responses   2004 Acura MDX vs. 2004 Honda Pilot

My number one question is, based on your experience with an Acura MDX and a Honda Pliot, does the Acura really cost a lot more for maintenance than the Honda? The Finance company I'm working with tries to deter people from buying "luxury" vehicles because they do cost more to...
  2 responses   safety reliability

what is the safest and most reliable wagon or suv? Please. We have owned lots of mercedes benz vehicles. I now see that most of the techologies in MBZ are available in much less expensive cars. So I am attempting to save money with next purchase.
  1 response   mid size SUV or crossover with 3rd row seat - Tahoe, Durango, or Gr Cherokee

We have a Honda CRV, but my wife says the new ones are too sedan like

We test drove a Durango and a Jeep I love the room of the Durango, but I thought the shifting was not as good as the Grand Cherokee

I like the ecodiesel...
  1 response   Safe reliable SUV for Commuting Working Grandma

Have been driving Chevy Suburbans (bus) for last 15 years and looking for a little smaller (and sportier) vehicle for Dallas traffic and parking. I don\'t think I can get used to riding lower to ground again. Need safety and reliability since I travel to visit children/grand children (400 miles...

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