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Volvo XC90

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I am looking for a vehicke to take on long trips rather then renting cars. I want soemthing dependable and large enough to fit my extra large dog kennels with luggage in the cargo and possibly using one of the seats folded down in the second row.

Priorities: Reliability & durability / Powertrain performance / Cargo capacity

Need minimum of 7 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 125000
Maximum age: 12 years

Maximum price: US $ 9000

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Response from NormT

7:42 am September 13, 2017

It looks like the prior generation XC99 is larger than the current one. That generation even it's dog cage system that attached to the car and fit the portions of the xc90 better than a rectangular cage.

Find a suv with as sliding rear seat. We slide the rear seat up in both a GMC Terrain and Envision right behind the front seats so the dogs won't slip to the footed area for rear seat passengers. Sliding the rear seat up gives them more AC coolness from the rear vents and provides more cargo room in the rear.



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Response from mwcten

8:30 am September 13, 2017

It sounds like what you're describing is a minivan. The XC90 is a minivan-alternate if you want a lower center of gravity and more car-like handling, but the Volvos do cost more to keep on the road. Maybe a Toyota Sienna? Honda Odyssey? I'm not personally familiar with the seat-origami pros and cons of the various minivan options. There are SUV's that might work too, but those will all have greater costs of ownership and often less space. If you're driving off-road or on steep hills in the snow, maybe that's what you want.


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Toyota Sienna
Honda Odyssey

Response from NormT

11:04 am September 13, 2017

I thought minivan also as that is what Aunt uses to haul around her competition dogs. But they specified a vehicle so they must not wanting the minivan image.


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Response from truth2ak

3:39 pm September 13, 2017

Actually you are all very helpful. Sometimes ot just helps bouncing ideas off of folks and getting theior opinion. The only thing in a response to you good people is something I forgot to mention, which makes up a big part of my decision.

I don't mind the look of a minivan (too old for the image thing). I picked the Volvo XC 90 because I need 4wd/AWD and Toyota Sienna's are the only minivan with AWD and they are much more difficult to find then even the Volvo.


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Response from LectroFuel

1:02 am September 14, 2017

Autotrader should give you some AWD Sienna results. The only drawback of owning a minivan over an SUV is the "minivan stigma" and the off-road clearance. We have owned a 2002 Honda Odyssey since it was new and it's great for hauling things, kids, or pets. The interior is pretty beat up now, but it has only needed a new transmission back in 2004 for a free-fix recall as well as an airbag for a recall, a starter, an a/c blower, a 4th gear pressure switch, and normal maintenance in 175,000 miles.

What you don't get in an SUV is the 1 ft deep well in the trunk where you can hide things. When the seats are folded flat, it's great to go on a camping trip and load the trunk from floor to ceiling. And when they are flat, you still have 4 seats left over. In an SUV, it will be harder to lift things into the tall trunk because minivans have a low load floor. Sliding doors make it easy to open in a tight parking space. They are great for old people too. SUVs have less space in the trunk than minivans.

The 2004-2010 Siennas were the Lexus of minivans. They were smooth as butter and more reliable than the Odysseys for the most part. Sienna's the only AWD minivan as you mentioned. These minivans are the only used minivans you should consider, as most of them were bad.

With the Volvo you could be drowning in expensive repair bills, something unlikely with the Honda and Toyota minivans.

Odyssey is more sporty (drives like an Accord) and fun to drive than the Sienna, which is more floaty, comfy, and soft. Not fun to drive. Back in 2002, the Odyssey was the best minivan and was actually sold out nationwide, so that's why I didn't get the Sienna. Compared to my 2002 Odyssey and a 2004 Sienna, I am glad I went with the Odyssey, but I would appreciate more comfort. If you are older, I think you should go for the Sienna, especially because you go on long trips.


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Honda Odyssey
Toyota Sienna
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