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i'm looking for a chey equinox a treverse or a dodge durango

Priorities: Reliability & durability / Price or payments / Warranty, maintenance cost

Need minimum of 7 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 75000
Maximum age: 5 years

Maximum price: US $ 20000

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Response from NormT

11:03 pm September 25, 2017

Consumer Reports ranks the Chevy Traverse best in segment with a 76 score. We rented the sister car, Buick Enclave, and it was very nice and quiet riding car.

The Equinox is a 5-passenger car.

The Durango wins the hearts of the journalist in comparisons tests but I do not know anyone who owns one.


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Chevrolet Traverse
GMC Acadia Limited
Buick Enclave

Response from LectroFuel

12:01 am September 29, 2017

I rented a 2015 Traverse LTZ for a couple weeks. The Traverse and Equinox are big-time rental cars.

Smooth ride
Quiet interior
Looks nice from the outside
Spacious interior
Good handling for the size
Had remote start
Mush better than a truck-based SUV/Suburban/Tahoe

Feels like a car from the mid 2000s
Old, ugly interior
Poor visibility front and rear but it had a backup camera
Gauges cluster looks like 90s GM, green monochrome info display
Infotainment system is old, slow, and has no features except bluetooth
Engine is coarse and raspy, doesn't have enough torque so you have to rev the engine a lot
I got 15 MPG. Our 15 year old minivan gets 19 MPG and it's bigger and more practical than the Traverse.

Ratings show that the Traverse is reliable. I would buy the Traverse over the Durango and Equinox because Dodge's brand reputation has been tarnished because of bad reliability and the 2nd gen Equinox is just not good. I wasn't impressed with the Traverse, but it wasn't a bad car. It's just stuck a decade in the past. The Traverse should be in its 3rd generation, but it just started its second generation. Test drive the Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, and Hyundai Santa Fe. They are much better than the Equinox and Durango. The Traverse is a good car if you don't mind the oldness of the interior and powertrain. The chassis is solid and well put together. BTW the Equinox is a 5 seater.

For reliability, the 2009-2013 Traverses have problems with the power steering suddenly not working and engine failure. The 2009-2017 have problems with engine failure. Equinoxes 2010-2017 have some oil consumption issues and transmission failures.


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Chevrolet Traverse
Toyota Highlander
Honda Pilot

Response from NormT

8:01 am September 29, 2017

Our Enclave rental saw 26 mpg, two average on the highway a couple of years ago when we rented one. The 2018 Traverse sees 27 mpg @ 75 mph. So easily 30's at 65 mph.

The Honda minivan is just that light duty as once loaded has no towing capacity.After a number of failed transmissions, Honda settled a class-action lawsuit by replacing defective units and extending the warranty coverage on all 1999-2001 transmissions to 7 years or 100,000 miles.

Side impact is the second largest cause of vehicle death. The Odyessey standardize side impact airbags in 2005.

The Traverse offers AWD the Odyessey does not. It also offers a 5,000 towing capcity and handles it with ease. The Odyessey is unsettling and not safe near the limit due to the low tongue weight limit. The Traverse has the largest cargo area in the segment. Our 2015 Equinox has held up to the abuse of our dogs and still looks new after 45,000 miles. The plastics can take sharper dog nails to the plastics and leather and just need a wiping of interior dressing to look new again. My father in law's old 2011 Toyota Corolla, on the other hand, the center dash has not held up well. It shows scratches just from normal use of 70-year olds and and looks worn at 55,000 miles. The 45,000 mile Equinox 2.4l does not use oil, nor has it been to the dealership for repairs other than 2-years of free oil changes. Even running the engine to 5,000 rpms going up mountains on a 6,000 mile trip didn't phase it with two bikes hanging off the back and loaded up. The pass through Vail at +10,000 feet it had no problem at elevation. We even managed 45 mpg average over 25 miles coming down one pass...with AWD! It was entertaining blowing by RAV4'S and Kia' with the same 2.4l sized engine.


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