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Car Searches Responded To By wcpowell12

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  4 responses   good in snow, reliable, roomy, economical, tow small trailer

Looking for opinions!

Need a reliable, fuel efficient car for daily driving (20 miles per day approx) in Boulder CO, but I would also like a vehicle that could handle Colorado ski trips and tow a light trailer on occasion, as well as transport teenage boys to the ski...
  4 responses   Fuel efficient family vehicle with some testosterone

I currently have two vehicles; a 2003 Saturn Vue and and 2007 Ion. I love the versatility of the Vue, so I want to stay in that segment. The vehicle will be used as my daily driver, but also to take road trips for work and play. I'd like something...
  17 responses   a drivers car for fun and travel for retired seniors
Stan P.

Looking for a sport touring roadster for seasonal use. Have driven sporting vehicles most of my life and value good handling and reasonable performance. My current go car is an 05 Passat TDI which is the best overall vehicle I have ever owned. My warm weather car is an 03...
  2 responses   S5 vs. S4 vs. M3 vs. Evo X vs. STI vs. BRZ vs. Mustang GT... What is most reliable?

Cars I have considered:

Audi S5 - 2009 and up
Audi S4 - 2009 and up
BMW M3 - 2007 and up
Mitsubishi Evo X - 2010 and up
Subaru STI - 2010 and up
Subaru BRZ -
Ford Mustang GT - 2013 and up

My concern is...
  2 responses   Replace my Toyota Rav4

Struggling between Acura RDX and Subaru Outback, which one is the best?
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  6 responses   Crossover over medium sized SUV, pull 4000 lb. trailer, factory installed tow pkg., RELIABLE, comfortable, quiet, don't like nav, do like upgraded sound system

ELIMINATED FROM CONSIDERATION: 1.) Nissan Pathfinder (CVT transmission troubles, reliability issues); 2.) GMC Acadia, poor interior design, cramped legroom, distrust of GM; 3.) Suburban V8, too big, too costly, poor mileage, GM distrust; 4.) Chev Traverse, cramped, poor interior, 5.) Honda Pilot, boxy, has the hated joystick for controls and...
  5 responses   Fun to drive, compact to mid-size, manual transmisison and big trunk

My golf course doesn't have club storage so I leave my bag and cart in the trunk all summer and go on road trips with 2 sets of clubs. Needgood sizedtrunk.
Want a manual transmission for driving fun. Don't want lowest trim to get the MT. My other car is...
  12 responses   Small/medium size family hauler - fun, inexpensive, good to look at it

Our requirements are:
- good space for a small family with at least 5 seats
- 1/2 child seat capacity
- rearview camera is a must, love to have all around view
- like sporty looking cars specially in red color :)
- climate control
- love to have moon/sun...
  3 responses   Subaru v. Volvo?

is Subara Outback a better and more reliable choice over a Volvo Wagon/suv?
  3 responses   Last Car for retiree

Depreciation on KIA's
  3 responses   Looking for car

What is the best make car.
  3 responses   SUV capable of towing

Comparing 2014 VW Touareg TDI and 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel. I like how both of them drive, but don't want to have it in the shop once a month!
  4 responses   Mid-size SUV for towing light loads, going on road trips, growing family. Expecting to put ~5,000mi/year on it.

Looking for a vehicle for my husband. We want a mid-size SUV with towing capability (light loads) and 4WD. It needs to have enough room to fit his 6'3'' self. He will be towing his canoe and utility trailer often during hunting season-short distances. We want room in the back...
  17 responses   Small, nimble, fun (as in lean in to the curves) car for petite woman with dogs & a desire to drive a stick/manual again

I moved from the California Bay Area to Western Massachusetts a year ago with several dogs and a 2011 Ford Flex Limited. When I lived in the Bay Area, I worked for a wonderful animal shelter and routinely transported dogs (up to 8 including 2 dog crates) between Gilroy and...
  8 responses   Premium family SUV

We're trying to decide on a premium family SUV with a few must-have options: comfortable second row that accomodates two child seats and one adult; usable third row for the occasional bigger crowd; AWD/4WD; no diesel.

Ideally, we'd prefer a hybrid or electric car, and would like to stay...
  8 responses   Fuel-efficient car/small suv with seating for five plus a golf bag. I drive 31,000 miles average per year. Hybrid?

I have a 2010 GMC Terrain 4cyl that has the room I need and I get 27mpg in mixed driving (60% highway, 40% city/rural). I have put 127,000 miles on it in just over 4 years so reliability is important. It is OK on long trips, however, my wife does...
  4 responses   Porsche
A member in Quebec, Canada

Porsche 911 (997) C2
  5 responses   Used Luxury Car/SUV

> Looking to get into used Luxury car/SUV, like a higher end German or Japanese with <75000 Mi.
> Has to be priced competetively
> Not have excessive repair costs in the future
> Not be too expensive for a normal tuneup

  3 responses   luxery used car under 20,000 dollars

I basically want a nice car built within the past four years woth all the new features that are becomi g standards heated and cooled seats video screen rear camera; leather interior a luxery, performance perfomace sports two or four door four prefered. Really just want a good deal on...
  2 responses   A newer Prius or a newer VW Golf TDI?

We have owned both, and like the Prius in our cold Wisconsin winters because we aren't able to use 100% biodiesel during them. Hard to beat the gas mileage, but there is a new biodiesel co-op here and the TDI gets such outstanding mpg, as good as the Prius once...

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