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sharp mid sized suv

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I really like the look of jeep laredo or limited trucks. Would like a black car with black interior, bluetooth, rear camera, sun roof with a reliable reputation

Priorities: Exterior styling / Interior styling / Audio & nav systems

Need minimum of 5 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum age: 4 years

Maximum price: US $ 25000

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Response from LectroFuel

7:06 pm October 31, 2017

Jeeps are unreliable and have a bad reputation. Simply the quality is poor compared to most other brands. The SUV you are describing literally defines almost every new mainstream SUV on the market. Which Jeeps are you talking about? Laredo and Limited are trim lines of several Jeeps. Some more details would help.


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Response from ReVolted

11:15 pm October 31, 2017

Jeep is a fiat at this point which are rated by nearly every car magazine as being the most unreliable vehicles around.. At your price point i would suggest a CPO 4runner.. it still has offroad ability, they hold there value so well that most people who trade them in after 200k miles still get half the original purchase price toward a new one..


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Toyota 4Runner
Honda Ridgeline

Response from LectroFuel

11:52 am November 1, 2017

I agree with ReVolted. If you are looking at an old Jeep, consider the 4Runner, which will last you for a very long time. Don't let the styling of the Jeeps take over sensibility (I've never liked how they looked). They are bad cars. For many of the Jeeps, you will be on a second or third transmission after 50k miles. If you are looking for a good infotainment system, get a car with Apple CarPlay. Toyotas and Mazdas do not have CarPlay or Android Auto. Hondas have CarPlay and make some good-looking reliable cars. Another car you could look at is the Nissan Xterra, although it will not hold its value like the Toyotas will and will not be as reliable.


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