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AWD, fun,comfortable, safe, long road trips

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Work car aprox 22,000 miles per year in snow and all types of climates. Looking for something thats safe, quiet and comfortable.

Need minimum of 4 seats

Will consider new cars only

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Response from mwcten

4:43 pm December 1, 2014

Given that you need AWD, the usual suspect would be that you should get a Subaru. The Impreza will be most economical of them. Outbacks and Foresters are larger/less economical.

Alternate vehicles in the Outback/Forrester size/economy would be the Mazda CX-5, the Honda CR-V, the Toyota rav4, etc.

You don't give a budget range, so I'm giving you the cheap new vehicle options here. Obviously you have a lot more options when you get into more high end cars as a lot more of those tend to be awd.


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Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport
Honda CR-V
Mazda CX-5

Response from mkaresh

8:07 pm December 3, 2014

Since you want quiet, the Legacy is probably a better bet than the Impreza among Subarus.

Other midsize sedans with AWD include the Ford Fusion, Chrysler 200, and Buick Regal. I'd drive them all and see which you like best--and which you can get the best deal on. Subarus are selling very well lately, so discounts will likely be smallest for them.

What are your thoughts on these? With more to go on I could provide a more specific recommendation.


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Subaru Legacy
Ford Fusion
Chrysler 200
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