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Fun car sporty yet comfortable

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Have an awd 2013 Lexus GS. Have driven Mercedes e350, Audi A6, bmw 335, Jaguar XF , Infiniti q70. Waiting for 2016 GS to come out. Mercedes was dated and has 2010 tech. 2016 is a short year as total redesigned 2017 due in spring. Q70 in great need of an update. Any suggestions/comments appreciated.
Thank you!

Priorities: Exterior styling / Powertrain performance / Ride smoothness

Preferred Bodystyle(s): Sedan

Car Needs: Family transporter / Fun toy

Primary Driver(s): Senior driver

Need minimum of 5 seats

Will consider new cars only

Maximum price: US $ 65000

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Response from mkaresh

1:18 pm December 8, 2015

Did you drive the old XF or the new one? I haven't drivven the new one yet, but have high hopes for it.

I did have the new A6 for a week recently, will post a full review soon. I really liked how it handled with the lighter 2.0T engine. It felt smoother and easier in typical driving than the others, yet not numb the way the Lexus is. Also a more open interior, partly thanks to a lower, less intrusive center console than the rear-drive cars.

You don't mention the Cadillac CTS. It has the sportiest handling in the class.

Heading in the other direction, the Hyundai Genesis is a much better car than many people realize. It feels larger and heavier than the Audi, though, so not terribly sporty. Just a really good car for the price.

I agree that the MB and Infiniti are dated.


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Jaguar XF
Cadillac CTS
Hyundai Genesis
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