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Used Luxury Car/SUV

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> Looking to get into used Luxury car/SUV, like a higher end German or Japanese with <75000 Mi.
> Has to be priced competetively
> Not have excessive repair costs in the future
> Not be too expensive for a normal tuneup

Preferred Bodystyle(s): Sedan / SUV

Car Needs: Family transporter / Long trips / Fun toy

Primary Driver(s): Tall driver

Need minimum of 5 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 75000

Maximum price: US $ 21000

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Response from wcpowell12

4:56 pm May 12, 2014

I did a quick search of vehicles attempting to use most all of the criteria and pretty much ruled out any German vehicle, even VW, due to the maintenance cost restraint. I have owned many of them and inexpensive maintenance is not in the vocabulary, even for a routine oil service at the dealer. Other parts that wear when at or near 75k miles? Hold on to your hat. Yet, I continued to do it for many years because of something special. No, not the prestige but for the wonderful suspension. My Mercedes E55 AMG was as smooth at 140 mph as at 80 mph. The suspension. I have owned two VW Touareg's. Wonderful on trips - comfortable, quiet, but the back seat is tight for 3 people. Maintenance? Don't ask.

And now we turn to my reason for responding - grab a Hyundai Genesis. I roll into the dealer and $25 later have fresh oil, filter and tire rotation. No rattles, not vibrations. Just solid. The V-6 will routinely deliver 29 mpg's at 78 mph. Comfortable, stable cruising. and 5 will fit fine. The suspension is as close to German as you will find. Do I miss the AMG? You bet. But I now have a "George Castanza" wallet with all the money not spent on maintenance. The trade-off was more than fair.

Go test drive a 2009 or 2010 - well within your price range. You're wecome. This is from a 62 year old lover of cars who has owner over 40 thru the years.


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Hyundai Genesis

Response from mkaresh

11:05 pm May 12, 2014

The Genesis has a few common issues which involve features in the optional Tech Package (if the car has a power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, it has this package). But the cost of fixing these won't be anything like repair costs with a German car.

You've selected just about everything in the list of criteria, so it's hard to tell what your top priorities are. If you can edit your response to reduce the number to 3-5, this would help.

An Acura TL could also work for you. It's not as large or as luxurious as the Genesis, but handles better and could be more reliable.

An Acura RL is more luxurious than the TL, but didn't sell well and will be harder to find at your price (but some are out there).

You seem to have categorically rejected American cars, but a Chrysler 300 might also be a good fit.

These are all sedans. SUVs will be more expensive and will tend to be less reliable.


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Acura TL
Acura RL
Chrysler 300

Response from mkaresh

12:18 pm May 13, 2014

Thanks for your responses wcpowell12 and mkaresh. At this time I own a 06 CRV (paid off since '10) with 84k Mi and a brand new 2014 Odyssey( EX-L with RES). The CRV is a workhorse and apart from 2 high cost repairs, has been a joy to own. But now I need to get something more luxurious/ newer. On the flip side however, I'm not driving the CRV as much since the Ody came along. So my thoughts were with going for a used high end car which depreciates fast( from new standpoint). I have nothing against Huyndai, but they are just not up to the mark I feel. I have not driven the Genesis though to be fair. I feel Acruas or Lexuss maybe a better fit for me. I have heard about the high repair costs of Merc/ BMW's et all. If I had the heart to shell out big bucks for the reapirs that come with high mileage, I'd probably settle in for a S class, they really depreciate in value in 3-4 years. There are good ones to be had for 25-29 k. I looked up the used car ( same year, mileage) for Honda Pilots vs Merc ML 350, they are very close which made me think why? It seems like owning the Merc will cost much more real soon as opposed to Honda Pilot, this is just as an example. So my thought now is this: Is there any german automaker which would have decent repair costs and reliability at all? I'm thinking X5, ML 350 or Q7? If it's the same story, then I'd be wise to look for a Lexus or Acura. I just dont think the muscle cars have what I need. What do ya'll think?


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Response from mkaresh

1:58 pm May 13, 2014

The German cars depreciate more quickly largely because they don't age as well and will cost more to maintain, and German SUVs tend to be the least reliable models in their lineups. You have better odds with a C or E than with an ML, and a 3 or 5 than with an X5. Vehicles with an air suspension, more common with the SUVs, are especially trouble-prone.

The 2013 ML is looking better than earlier years so far, but it's early and at this point will be well over $21,000.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee provides much of the feel of a German SUV. Reliability just a little better, but cheaper to fix if it needs to be. The 2014 revisions have been glitchy, but the 2011-2013 have been just a little worse than average (best if you avoid the optional panoramic sunroof and air suspension). Large and heavy, but then so are the German SUVs.

Lexus RX should be reliable, but nothing special to drive. Probably hard to find at your price without a lot of miles. Acura MDX has a third row you might have no use for, and somewhat dated unless you get the 2014, which is well beyond your budget.

The 2013 RDX would be a good fit, but too expensive since a 2013. The 2007-2012 RDX is a bit of an acquired taste. Some people don't like the somewhat laggy powertrain response or the fairly firm ride. Others like the relatively sporty handling.

If you don't need much rear seat or cargo space, the Infiniti EX is worth a look. My wife loves these. But they are tight inside.

Could one of these be a good fit?


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Infiniti EX
Acura RDX

Response from jasonmreece

4:46 pm May 18, 2014

I am at a loss to find any luxury-branded SUVs or any German vehicles that fit your budget and other criteria. But I do have a few Japanese sedans that are definitely worth a look...

2008-2010 Infiniti M35

2010-2011 Acura TL

And the final suggestion is marketed as an upscale/premium sedan but doesn't wear a luxury badge (but it does share an engine with many Infiniti products) and, personally, I really like them...

2011-2012 Nissan Maxima


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Infiniti M
Acura TL
Nissan Maxima
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