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graduating future dentist needs a commuter car

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I need a car to be affordable for a student budget. I want to pay cash. I need a daily commuter for 2 years, then I'd like to have an SUV after that. So I'm open to SUV, but more likely looking at a 4-door sedan.

Toyota Avalon-Like the size and style of the car, my favorite, but a little expensive for newer models. the 2004 looks good though.
Toyota Camry- Like the dependability and track record. I don't love the way it looks.
Honda Accord-Like the track record, but not the interior or exterior esthetics of the accord before 2007
Lincoln Zephyr- Love the way it looks, worried about dependability and gas usage. Also seems very affordable for new models. Also worried of resale value.
Acura TL, TSX- like the look of the TSX, the TL models before 2005 seem okay. Should I be worried about reliability of these cars?

Preferred Bodystyle(s): Coupe

Car Needs: Daily commuter

Need minimum of 5 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 125000
Maximum age: 14 years

Maximum price: US $ 7000

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Response from MateuszS

5:28 pm March 31, 2015

I would recomend you getting a used Mercury Milan Premier with the V6 engine... I have 2008 Mercury Milan Premier V6 FWD and its bigger then the Camry, it has actuall leather upholstery (heated seats), and I would recomend getting the black leather. and gray, Black, or Blue exterior color. i know its not a coupe, but it drives like a sporty car with a big car interior... Look at the 2008 and newr Milan's preferebly the V6. they have very good power. Very good amount of space. But the 2010, i think looks still like the 2008. the 2011, is more for a female driver car.. just from styling... The 08 has more musculent design and just looks more sharper.i get about 29-36 mpg on the highway. so about 430 - 640 miles per tank... city you can get about 23-26 mpg. highway is always better... My Milan has 237000 miles as of now, and still running strong... paid for the car $2500... Bought the car in October 2014, and had to take it only once to replace the steering pump which was original... Also I'm the second owner... Negotiate the car price and you will be able to get a good deal...


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Mercury Milan

Response from mkaresh

12:34 pm April 5, 2015

All of the cars you mention should be fairly reliable. Beyond that, it's mostly a matter of which you like the best and can get in good condition within your budget.

The Lincoln Zephyr was only made for one year, 2006. From 2007 on it was renamed the MKZ. Reliability has been pretty good except for the 2010, which has a common problem for the throttle body (but even for this common problem I think Ford has issued a recall so it won't cost anything to fix it). The Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan are closely related and will cost a little less than the Lincoln. They're also offered with a four-cylinder, which will get better fuel economy than the V6 engine. I'd look at them all and see if the Lincoln's differences are worth its extra cost to you.

Either Acura should be relatively reliable as long as they're the 2004 or later models. 1999-2003 Acura TL's have failure-prone transmissions. You can check our problems" pages for the repairs owners have been reporting. They hold their value well, but this also means they'll cost more to buy than the Ford/Mercury/Lincoln, so you'll have to get an older one. The TSX will get better fuel economy than the TL, since it has a four-cylinder engine rather than a V6. Either Acura is sportier than the Ford/Mercury/Lincoln.


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Ford Fusion
Acura TSX
Acura TL
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