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AWD, safety, reliability, seat comfort, infotainment, not awful to drive

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I've test driven all sorts of vehicles. The most important things areAWD(i just like it, aware you can get by with good tires), safety, reliability, seat comfort, infotainment, not awful to drive. Initially I was open to SUVs as they seem to have more comfortable seats for me. I'm pretty particular about this as I'm 6'2" mostly legs and most vehicles don't have enough thigh support. Currently we're a family of 3 so a mid sized suv really don't make sense for us otherwise a new highlander or used mdx fits the bill. Subaru have traditionally had uncomfortable seats but the new legacy seemed much more comfortable than previous subarus. Currently my top choices are a used Infiniti m37x with tech or a new Subaru Legacy with Eyesight. Commute highway long distance 2 days out of the week. I wouldn't say I'm cheap but not really looking to spend my max.

Preferred Bodystyle(s): Coupe / Sedan

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 60000
Maximum age: 3 years

Maximum price: US $ 40000

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Response from Member6215

8:40 pm November 10, 2014

I bought my Dodge Journey AWD in 2013, we now have 24,000 miles on it. I really like it.On the highway it gets 26-28 mpg. The AWD works great. I took it to the mountains and drove it on ice and snow coverd logging roads You can buy a top of the line Journey for 30,000 dollars. They have heated seats, heated steering wheel, ice chest in the floor, 7 passager, best touch screen radio in the market. I really recomend the Journey! I think the new Crossroad trim looks amazing, but the Limited with the crome wheels looks amazing to. P.s. Taking the Journey on road trips is amazing, I don't want to stop driving it!!


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Dodge Journey

Response from mkaresh

10:33 pm November 11, 2014

Seat comfort varies so much from person to person, so for that there's no good substitute for spending as much time as possible in the seat of a car you might buy.

The new Legacy is a very good car all around. I did note an odd shape to the seats, and even listed this first among the reasons not to buy the car, but you might not have the same experience with them given your height.

Are you thinking of the current M, introduced as a 2011? The first model year was glitchy, but mostly minor stuff, like the rear window shade. Fuel economy will of course be worse than with the Legacy, especially a Legacy with the four-cylinder. Between these two, it really comes down to how much more you want the additional style and luxury of the M.

A surprisingly good new car that might squeeze in under your limit (depending on options) is the 2015 Hyundai Genesis, which is available with all-wheel-drive. Fuel economy will be similar to the Infiniti's. I found the Hyundai's seats unusually comfortable. Excellent safety ratings. A long warranty might partly compensate for the initial purchase price. It might also be possible to find one slightly used, as they've been on sale since spring. We've had zero reports of repairs to these so far--something that can't be said of the new Legacy.

Back down at the Legacy's price point, you should take a look at the Ford Fusion. Very good car all around, and I found its seats perhaps the most comfortable in the segment. It might be possible to get a very good deal on a 2014.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of these cars (unless the seat proves uncomfortable). I'd take a close look at all four and see which one you like best.

My reviews of the Genesis, Fusion, and Legacy are linked below their photos to the right.

A new Acura TLX or used Acura TL SH-AWD might be an outside possibility. But the Hyundai really is another class of car compared to either.


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Hyundai Genesis
Ford Fusion
Subaru Legacy

Response from Tgo10000

11:01 pm November 13, 2014

Just can't get into the Journey, but I have a friend who has also had a good experience.

I had setup to take the legacy on an extended drive test drive then found Subaru is still offering overnight test drives so I'm doing that now. There are a lot of things to like about that car. Starlink is light years better than their previous infotainment. The car drives great, not sure about seat comfort yet will have to take it on a long drive tomorrow.

I was thinking of the current M. Gas mileage is not great but man that car is fun to drive. 2013 has slightly better crash test ratings than the 2011 and 2012, but used ones don't seem that hard to find.

The Genesis has definitely been on my list, I test drove one a couple weeks ago as I was a fan of the previous version as well. In its base form with RWD it was a nice car. With the added packages and AWD it definitely goes up several notches. The package with upgraded leather has power thigh support extension; anybody should be able to get comfy in those thrones. Not sure I can justify the price when a used Infiniti M37 has a similar feature set and feels a little more fun to drive though the Genesis is easily more settled on the road, worth considering again especially with the great warranty.

Test drove a Fusion last night, 30-45 mins as the dealership just gave us the keys. You're right, I found the car to be extremely comfortable with minimal driver fatigue. Both the 2015 and 2014 seemed like great values. The turbo four cylinder in that is better than the inline 6 in the Legacy both in performance and mpg hwy. My Ford Touch lags, wife felt it was "plasticky" inside. Unfortunately the 2015 we took out had weird noise sounded like a strut issue, bad impression, though always possible with a sample size of one.

The Acura TLX and TL both are interesting. The TLX slides in similarly equipped in the Genesis price range or cheaper. Good performance, decent gas mileage, good crash tests. Acura typically has good reliability though the newest MDX 2014 seemed to dip a little bit compared <=2013 versions. I'm in, I'll probably check it out tomorrow.

Thanks for all the suggestions, well on my way to a great car!


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