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Kia Soul ! vs. Hyundai Elantra GT?

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Given these two, albeit quite different looking, choices, which would someone who's looking for a very reliable, not gas guzzling, fun to drive, sporty-feeling, quality interior car pick?

I've test driven both, and am drawn to the Soul for the fun factor and the fact that it's different from the hatchback I've been driving. But I don't want to be impractical and ignore what might be a better value in the Elantra GT.

Trying to make my decision this week.

Appreciate any words of wisdom :)


Car Needs: Fun toy / Long trips / Errands about town / Daily commuter

Primary Driver(s): Tall driver / Short driver

Will consider new cars only

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Response from ezgobob

6:49 pm June 23, 2015

The Kia Soul has a better reliability record than the Elantra.
But how are the cars in 3 or 4 years?
Be careful of the wind and road noise in the Kia Soul and Elantra.
Look at a Toyota Corolla better reliability than the soul and Elantra and the Toyota will be worth more on trade.


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Kia Soul
Hyundai Elantra
Toyota Corolla

Response from mkaresh

11:22 am June 26, 2015

Arizona: the Elantra GT is a significantly different car than the Elantra sedan. It's essentially the European-market Elantra (called i30 there).

This said, the reliability record of the 2013 hasn't been great. The 2014 has probably been better, but we have a small sample size for it.

California: I'd go with the car you like the best.


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Response from Member2828

11:43 am July 8, 2015

Would the Honda Fit or HR-V meet your criteria? They should be fun to drive, practical, and reliable. And they should have good trade-in/resale value in a few years too.

On the less practical side of things, would you consider a Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ or Mazda Miata? Both are signiciantly smaller than the cars you've mentioned but would be much more entertaining to drive. Unsure of how reliable the FRS/BRZ twins have been but Miatas should be strong.


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Honda Fit
Honda HR-V
Mazda MX-5 Miata

Response from Member5528

11:49 am July 9, 2015

KIA and Hyundais both have HORRIBLE resale and long term feel changes.

How long are you looking to keep it? How many miles a year do you drive?

Look into the GOLF, MAZDA3, and FORD FOCUS. All 3 are inexpensive for what you get, hold their value, made to be fun to drive (Toyota and Honda's are appliances, not a driver's car), and will be inexpensive to maintain.


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Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit / GTI
Mazda Mazda3
Ford Focus
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