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Sunroofs and stereos: like chocolate and peanut butter, or do they just sound good together?

In recent years, I’ve noted an increasing number of “Moon and Tunes” and “Sun and Sound” option packages, especially from Detroit. These usually include a sunroof and an optional audio system, perhaps with a CD changer or satellite radio also tossed into the mix, at a discounted package price.

I say “usually” because in the Chevrolet TrailBlazer you can substitute a ceiling-mounted entertainment system for the sunroof–they cannot be ordered together–and thus get a “Sun, Sound, and Entertainment” package sans sun. 

This oddity aside, is there something about a sunroof that makes it a natural fit for superior audio? When these are available separately, do people tend to order both anyway?

Or do “Moon and Tunes” and “Sun and Sound” simply have a nice ring to them?

My guess: it’s just a matter of time before automakers rediscover that “show” rhymes with “go.”