No, tilting the camera does not make the car look cool

The TrueDelta site has not been friendly to the visually oriented. In other words, it has lacked photos of the cars it provides information about. Well, I’m finally doing something about this. Beyond making the site prettier, photos should help those who haven’t a clue what the name of Kia’s minivan is (Sedona). Thumbnails will be attending the model selection… More →

A nation of torque junkies

Back in the Golden Age of Detroit, owners of imported sports cars viewed the drivers of big block domestic “muscle cars” as unintelligent unsophisticated knuckledraggers. After all, true connoisseurs of the automobile knew that the real joys were in skillfully working the pedals, shifter, and steering, not in being able to deprive one’s frontal lobe of oxygen through the simple act of putting one’s… More →

A milestone: the 100th 2007 Nissan Versa joins the panel

When started collecting vehicle reliability information, plenty of people asserted that it would never succeed. These doubters said there’s a reason car buyers have only one flawed source of such information: it’s far too difficult to gather a sufficient number of participants. Actually, all it takes is an active, enthusiastic forum., the Internet’s most vibrant Nissan and Infiniti… More →