Hyundai’s Genesis: how does its price truly compare?

Hyundai has released pricing for it’s Lexus LS 460 competitor (some might say knock-off–but then the same could be said of the first LS), and I rushed the figures into TrueDelta’s pricing database. I believe this makes TrueDelta the first site where you can configure–much less compare–pricing for the Genesis. A few results: Compared to a similarly loaded BMW 550i,… More →

Back on track

We’re in the process of developing a number of new features for the site, with the making it more interesting, useful, and relevant while buying a car and–the big challenge–in between purchases. So when I first rolled out the “Why (Not) This Car?” survey in last month’s email, and 20,000+ members submitted only 136 reviews in the following two days,… More →

The May Vehicle Reliability Survey results: highlights

The latest results for the Vehicle Reliability Survey have been posted. These cover member experiences through March 31, 2007, and include 122 models–238 if you include those with marginal sample sizes. This is the third set of results to include 2008 models; no other source has provided even initial results on the 2008s yet. In an earlier blog post I… More →

Lemons, and how they impact the results

When you have a panel of over 28,000 vehicles, some of them are going to be officially lemons. As in bought back by the manufacturer when some problem could not be repaired. The current analysis includes only successfully completed repairs, for a number of reasons. One limitation of this approach: the worst cases of all, these lemons, appear to have… More →

Push, pull, left, right: no standard way to shift an automatic. Should there be?

Over the past decade manually shiftable automatics (and more recently, automated manuals) have become increasingly common. And yet there’s no standard way to operate the things. With BMW and Mazda pushing the lever forward downshifts, and pulling it backward upshifts. With other makes (and I believe even older BMWs), it’s the opposite. With paddles on the steering wheel, somtimes you… More →