Good and not-so-good Germans

If German cars had a stellar reputation for reliability, Lexus would not be where it is today. TrueDelta’s latest Car Reliability Survey results, based on owner experiences through the end of March 2010, provide some evidence that a corner has been turned, but other evidence that work remains to be done. Two years ago the current Mercedes C-Class had a… More →

Satisfaction with reliability

Every year Ford hires RDA Group, a market research firm, to conduct a reliability survey for it. Mostly it uses the data internally, but it also usually issues a press release touting any Ford wins. This year Ford announced that, based on this survey, they have the auto industry’s highest satisfaction with quality. This survey also measures things gone wrong,… More →

Buick to eliminate CX, CXL, CXS trim levels in 2012 MY

Buick has announced that they’re going to eliminate the CX, CXL, and CXS trim levels with their 2012 models. Instead, they’ll offer a hierarchy of option packages. Why? To eliminate the impression that the base model is the “cheap one,” which is unbefitting a premium brand. Which is why premium brands generally don’t have trim levels. I’m all for this… More →