The most and least reliable cars in our survey

My previous post included the models with the lowest reported repair frequencies for each model year. As noted in that past, this wasn’t entirely fair. Other models are close, and given sampling error and the meaninglessness of small differences are essentially just as reliable. So here’s a list of all models (among those we received at least 25 responses for)… More →

How often do cars require repairs as they age?

Before TrueDelta, nearly all publicly available car reliability information was relative to the average. While “better than average” certainly seemed preferable to “worse than average,” one key piece of information wasn’t provided: how high (or low) was the average? Did the average car require one repair per year? Two? More? No one without insider status knew. To fix this, I… More →

Nvidia’s “deep neural network” for autonomous driving

Nvidia, initially a manufacturer of personal computer graphics cards, has been emerging as a leading provider of hardware and software for autonomous driving. Most, maybe all, of the companies developing autonomous cars have been purchasing hardware from Nvidia, Tesla most vocally. This Nvidia Drive PX circuit board, which became available to auto makers and their suppliers last May, includes two… More →

How would you like your data sliced?

Over the years we’ve added so many different ways to view TrueDelta’s car reliability information that some have flown under members’ radar. Maybe it would help to have a recap? We started with the number of successfully completed repair trips per year, calculated per 100 cars to remove the decimal. Some people want to focus on problems that can potentially… More →

“I no longer have the car, I can’t tell you more”

Occasionally a participant in the Car Reliability Survey tells me, “I no longer have the car, but I can’t tell you more than that.” They don’t have to tell me more. I know what this means. The manufacturer (usually Honda, but sometimes some others) has bought the car back because some problem with it could not be fixed despite three… More →

New car problems: don’t procrastinate

Some problems are difficult for a dealer to fix, perhaps because they are difficult to replicate. If the problem in question is frightening–perhaps the car cuts off in traffic or on the highway for no evident reason–some owners decide to just park the car and deal with it later. If the problem is more minor, the owner might decide to… More →

How up-to-date are TrueDelta’s stats? Our timetable.

Other car reliability surveys can spend nearly six months from when their survey starts to when they release any results. I designed TrueDelta’s process to provide stats that can be over a year ahead of others, and are never based on data more than five months old. Here’s what our quarterly schedule looks like, using the current quarter as an… More →

Can Lincoln sell “quiet luxury?”

Luxury cars are an odd market. Cadillac has been trying to out-BMW BMW by producing the fastest accelerating, best-handling, rear-wheel-drive-based luxury sedans. Mercedes-Benz also has been pushing performance and handling more than at any previous time in its storied history. A consensus has been emerging that the C63 AMG is the best among an increasingly large, increasingly capable crowd of… More →