#1 threat: spam filters

Nothing provides more challenges for TrueDelta’s Car Reliability Survey than email, specifically getting it to the inboxes of people who’ve signed up to participate. Too often, it gets trapped by a “bulk” or spam filter. Some filters are better than others. The worst routinely identify TrueDelta’s email as spam, even though we send no spam and are on no blacklists.… More →

No, we’re not expecting multiple responses each month

I’m recently learned that some members think we expect multiple responses to the Car Reliability Survey each month, so they haven’t been responding. Apparently, things have gotten twisted entirely around. Hopefully this post will help untwist them. The reason for the misperception: these members have been receiving three or four emails each month that say, “Response needed even if there… More →

So, how efficient are the new diesels? UK powertrains now in database.

Thanks to tax incentives, diesels now account for a large percentage of car sales in many European countries. These engines tend to be more powerful, smoother, and quieter than the diesels of even five years ago. The most extreme example: the 5.9-liter V12 monster Audi offers in the Q7. It produces 500 horsepower at only 3,750 rpm, and 737 pounds-feet… More →

Chrysler dealer demonstrates why Chrysler is heading for Chapter 7 liquidation

I strive to remain objective about how different manufacturers compare, and even to give them all the benefit of the doubt. Problem is, ownership of a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser (my wife’s car, she wanted something cute and fun) can make this very difficult. A conversation today with a dealership service writer was only the latest incident. Some background: back… More →