Sample sizes (draft)

Currently TrueDelta publicly posts Vehicle Reliability Survey results when there have been responses for at least 20 vehicles owned for at least 80 total months. In comparison, Consumer Reports’ minimum sample is 100 vehicles, with no minimum number of months of ownership. One hundred sounds a lot more impressive than 20. And they do love to brag about the size of their… More →

Corruption in dealer satisfaction surveys

“Don’t Coach Me on how to Answer your Stupid Survey,” Mrad writes over at Volksbloggin, a VW-focused blog. The object of his ire: dealers that ask you to give them perfect marks on sales and service satisfaction surveys conducted by the manufacturer. I’ve come across this myself, and read about it often on various forums. Why is this survey process… More →

Destination charges

I just learned over at Infiniti forum G35Driver that Infiniti has bumped destination charges by $15. While $15 isn’t much in itself, it’s just the latest in a long string of such bumps. Remember the story about the frog who sat in the pot while the water temperature was raised by one degree each minute? It’s kind of like that.

Want to know how much people like a car? Check the forums (if they exist).

As the May results draw near, I am increasingly excited that TrueDelta that they will include some 2007 models. While the sample sizes will not be large, and the number of models small, I see this as a “proof of concept,” an early demonstration of what TrueDelta’s research process is capable of. After all, Consumer Reports won’t have reliability information on these models… More →

Why GM shouldn’t have shown us the Chevrolet Volt

It’s becoming clear that the biggest news at this years Detroit auto show was GM’s introduction of the Chevrolet Volt. I didn’t pay much attention to it myself, figuring that no matter how you look at it this introduction was a mistake. An article by Sharon Terlep in yesterday’s Detroit News suggests that at least some people inside GM thought… More →

Upgraded Fuel Economy Survey: commute length and remote start

Based on members’ suggestions, I have added two questions to the Fuel Economy Survey. One asks about the amount of time spent idling after a cold start, the other asks about the distance driven between cold starts. I was initially reluctant to lengthen the survey, because the shorter it is the more people will participate. However, some research found that both members’ cases… More →