GM hikes prices

I’m in the process of updating the prices of 2008 cars and trucks, and GM’s recent price hikes are especially pervasive. Some base prices are up by about $500, many others by about $300. On the base Malibu LS the MSRP is unchanged, but the invoice has crept up about $100, further squeezing the already tight dealer margin. The senior trim levels of this strong… More →

NAIAS 2008: My impressions, part 2

So, what else did I see at this year’s less than inspiring Detroit auto show? The general impression was that every company sought to portray itself as green. And there were various hybrid, fuel cell, diesel, and so forth concepts on display. But with few exceptions they were just that, concepts. I’ll get more excited when they’re available to buy–at a reasonable… More →

Fearless prediction: Volkswagen will acquire Chrysler from Cerberus

Maybe next year, but more likely the year after that, I believe Volkswagen will acquire Chrysler from private equity firm Cerberus. The pieces fell into place during NAIAS. Over the past few months it has become clearer and clearer that Cerberus is in over its head. And private investors aren’t in for the long term regardless. So they’ll do their… More →

NAIAS 2008: My impressions, part 1

First, the bad news about this years North American International (Detroit) Auto Show: everyone I’ve talked to was at least mildly disppointed in this years show. There are no major introductions, and (by my count) only one introduction that wasn’t largely leaked in advance of the show. That one introduction: the Cadillac CTS coupe. I assumed this car was going… More →

This research is a team effort

I decided to include a “pep talk” in the first follow-up email that went out to members who didn’t respond to the initial email. It went like this: This research is a team effort. It isn’t conducted for corporate clients. It’s conducted for those who participate in it–you. As with other teams, if too many members rely on others to… More →

Hyundai gives us a large luxury sedan. How will it fare?

In a few months, Hyundai will start selling the Genesis, a large rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan with an optional 368-horsepower V8. Notably, this sedan arrives just as Cadillac and Lincoln decide that a DOHC V8 engine for their cars is no longer financially justifiable. Can the new Hyundai succeed in a segment that the domestic nameplates appear to be abandoning? With the Genesis, Hyundai is taking… More →