Upgraded navigation

I’ve been hearing for some time that the site isn’t the easiest to navigate (to put it mildly). We’ve been making tweaks here and there for some time. But more remained needed. So I’ve spent much of the past few days making some additional changes: Box near the top of all results pages that includes links to the other results… More →

BMW dials it back

Look at these photos from the interior of the redesigned-for-2009 BMW 750i. What do you see? Not seeing anything terribly unusual? Well, that’s my point. The shifter–albeit one sourced from Sega–has returned to the center console, displacing the iDrive controller to a secondary position. And the seat controls have assumed a conventional layout rather than the complicated knob-and-sector affair and… More →

NAIAS 2009: first day

Well, the first day at the 2009 North American International Auto Show wasn’t such a bust in the end. I began the day by attending the Intro and North American Car of the Year Awards. During the intro talk the Detroit show sought to demonstrate that it was still relevant by trotting out senior executives from the auto companies that… More →