Changing of the guard

A few months ago I provided my initial impressions of the Hyundai Genesis. I concluded that the specs were impressively competitive, but that the car didn’t bring anything new to the game aside from a low price. Last week I finally found the time to take a Genesis for a test drive, and found that the large sedan drives very… More →

ACSI: the perils of satisfaction surveys

Today the Detroit News reported on the latest results of the American Customer Satisfaction Index, specifically the fact that Detroit brands did worse this time around and ranked near (or at) the bottom. Claes Fornell, the professor who heads the study, noted, “The gap is extending. Detroit is falling. It’s all foreign at the top and all American at the… More →

Milestones reached with the August results of the Vehicle Reliability Survey

The results of the Vehicle Reliability Survey will be updated next week. Actually, members have been able to view provisional results for about a month now, but next week they’ll be 99 percent finalized (a few very late responses or corrections might still trickle in) and be publicly released. A number of milestones have been reached with this release: Total… More →

“Deterioration” in J.D. Power

Another bit from J.D. Power’s press release for their 2008 Vehicle Dependability Study: “on average, customers report experiencing 75 percent more problems in the third year of ownership than during the first 90 days.” They refer to this increase in reported problems as “quality deterioration.” One big problem with this logic: the VDS covers an entire year, while the IQS… More →

Are we facing an epidemic of incurably foggy windows?

J.D. Power released the results of its annual Vehicle Dependability Survey today, and one item has me scratching my head. They report that the fifth most commonly reported problem is “excessive window fogging.” I’ve personally reviewed about 8,000 repair reports submitted by TrueDelta’s panel members over the last few years, and cannot remember a single report of “excessive window fogging.”… More →