Introducing the Common Auto Repairs Database (CARDb)

Some people have told TrueDelta that what they’d really like to know, more than average repair rates, is which problems are especially common with a given car. This way, when shopping for a used car they would could: Closely inspect typical problem areas Check if likely repairs have already been performed In response, TrueDelta is launching the Common Auto Repairs… More →

Yet another “last chance”

The Financial Times is calling the 2008 Chevrolet Malibu GM’s “last-chance saloon.” Where have I seen this headline before? Oh, yeah, pretty much every time one of the domestic automakers has launched a major new sedan in the last quarter-century. But the reality is that no one product is going to make or break the manufacturer. The company’s situation might… More →

What’s a serious rattle?

TrueDelta’s results currently include all shop trips that included a successful repair (unless this repair was a simple reflash). We don’t yet distinguish between “serious” repairs and minor ones. Often this is suggested. But doing this can be very tricky. As I first reported back in June of 2006, Consumer Reports’ method contains a serious flaw: they ask that only… More →