How up-to-date are TrueDelta’s stats? Our timetable.

Other car reliability surveys can spend nearly six months from when their survey starts to when they release any results. I designed TrueDelta’s process to provide stats that can be over a year ahead of others, and are never based on data more than five months old. Here’s what our quarterly schedule looks like, using the current quarter as an… More →

New survey system a success

Three months ago I changed the survey system to greatly reduce the number of emails to Car Reliability Survey participants. And I’ve been very worried about this change ever since. With fewer emails might we end up with fewer responses? Or fewer repairs being reported, and so lower quality data? These are the questions that keep me awake at night.… More →

Is it fair to rate luxury car reliability on the same scale?

A new blog for the Land Rover Freelander charges that it’s not fair to rate the Freelander’s reliability using the same scale for all cars. The two reasons given: luxury car buyers are pickier, and luxury cars have more features. It might or might not be true that luxury car buyers are pickier. Many people have suggested this, but I’ve… More →

Can we clear up some misunderstandings?

The emails we receive suggest that many people misunderstand TrueDelta and its research process. Here I’ll attempt to address the most common misunderstandings. Misunderstanding #1: TrueDelta wants survey responses many times a month. Reality: We usually only need a survey response the first month you’re eligible to participate, then at the end of every quarter after that (four times a… More →

A fourth change to the Car Reliability Survey

In the past, only successfully completed repairs were included in our analysis of responses to the Car Reliability Survey. This was done to provide the most precise results possible given our often small sample sizes. Problem was, this excluded the worst problems–those that lead a person to get rid of a car–from the analysis. So, starting with this month’s survey,… More →