Continuing site usability improvements

The latest major change: the bottom half of the homepage now includes links to the brand pages, from which you can get to a page where all the site’s informaton for a specific model is either displayed or directly linked to. This should make it easier for people seeking information on a single model. As part of this change, “reviews”… More →

Volvo cuts margins on options to near zero

I’ve written before about “hidden price increases,” where the sticker price stays the same but the invoice price goes up. Though such increases, dealers’ margins on car have gotten smaller and smaller over the past 20 years. And when the dealer pays more, you tend to pay more, even if the sticker price remains the same. The latest development: after cutting the… More →

Vehicle list integration

A downside of adding pieces one by one to the TrueDelta site is that, as these accumulate, the whole can become disorganized. More than a few people have found the resulting site organization confusing and even frustrating. I’ve been working on the site organization. Among the changes: clicking on “Reliability” on the homepage now goes to the latest survey results rather than to… More →

How should the Chevrolet Volt’s energy use be calculated?

GM plans to launch the Chevrolet Volt in 2010. The Volt runs on battery power for the first 40 miles or so, and after that a small gas engine will cycle on as needed to recharge the batteries. Plug-in versions of parallel hybrids, where the engine can directly power the wheel, are also coming. Earlier today I learned of an interesting discussion… More →

Warranty data

No one has better vehicle reliability data on fairly new vehicles than the manufacturers, since they keep detailed records of warranty claims. Problem is, they’re not about to publicly release this data. But publicly traded American corporations do have to report how much they pay out in warranty claims each year at the corporate level. I recently learned that these… More →

August Vehicle Reliability Survey results: some comments

Last month we posted the lastest results for TrueDelta’s Vehicle Reliability Survey. This set of results included a couple of early 2009 models, the Nissan Murano and Jaguar XF, well head of any other public source of vehicle reliability information. The Murano’s launch has been cleaner than most recent Nissan new product launches. Owners of the all-new SUV reported a… More →