Leather, leather everywhere

When I first set up the pricing database, it distinguished only between partial leather and leather. But the database now includes all non-exotic luxury cars, and manufacturers have been adding more leather to their luxury car interiors. In the last year or so leather-upholstered instrument panels have become increasingly available in the segment. At a lower price point, first Mercedes… More →

Chrome…or not

It has irked me for some time that TrueDelta’s price comparison tool does not make finer distinctions in two areas: wheels and upholstery. So a few weeks ago I decided to undertake what I thought would be a minor task, and upgrade the features database to include finer distinctions in these areas and a few additional features that have only… More →

Rebates are up — with one curious exception

I’ve uploaded incentive information for April, and at nearly every mainstream┬ámake rebates are higher and special interest rates are lower. General Motors is an exception–widespread bonus cash went away–but as in many previous months they’ll probably load on the bonus cash in the latter half of the month. I did come across one curious exception. The rebate on the Toyota… More →

Serious mods: how common are they?

From time to time someone will suggest to me that TrueDelta’s results might be distorted by the popularity of vehicle modifications–mods–among forum members. After all, many people learn about TrueDelta’s research through my forum posts. In response, I’ve been planning to ask panel members about how much they’ve modified their cars, and adjust the analysis accordingly. The resulting questions were… More →