2011 Ford Fiesta pricing – how does it compare?

Ford has been successfully building a lot of buzz for the upcoming Fiesta subcompact, and recently released prices. Eager to see how they compare, I rushed pricing and features for the Fiesta into the database for TrueDelta’s car price comparison tool. The Fiesta is our first 2011. The Fiesta’s closest competitor is probably the Honda Fit. Compare minimally-equipped manual hatches,… More →

2010 Hyundai Tucson: how does the price compare?

Hyundai recently released the pricing and specs for the redesigned 2010 Tucson compact SUV. And it looks like a major advancement over the first-generation Tucson. The exterior and interior both look great in photos. The wheels are now 17s and 18s rather than 16s. Unlike many recently redesigned models, the curb weight is relatively low. The new four is more… More →

GM’s next CEO: no high-profile hip shooters, please

Well, Henderson it out as CEO of GM, and they’re hunting for a replacement. Who should it be? The auto industry includes a number of high-profile CEOs who get a lot of press for their big personalities and willingness to make the big decisions. Then there is Alan Mulally, who has gotten credit for sound financial planning and team building… More →