The Best Car Reliability Information Hardly Anyone Sees

Much of TrueDelta’s car reliability information is only accessible by members. But do members know this information exists? With the following types of reports do you: –not realize (or forget) it exists –know it exists, don’t see the point –know it exists, see the point, but never visit the pages –use this information The reliability reports: 1. reliability stats that… More →

J.D. Power IQS 2017: Who Did Best, And What Does It Mean?

J.D. Power presented the results of its 31st annual Initial Quality Study (IQS) today at the Detroit-based Automotive Press Association. For the second year in a row domestic brands scored better than the imports, though Hyundai-Kia did best of all. Lexus, which used to have the top score, for the first time ranked below the average. Most other Japanese nameplates… More →

Car Reliability Stats–Now Covering All of 2016

We’ve updated our car reliability stats to cover through the end of 2016, making our information about eight months ahead of that available elsewhere. Some highlights… The new 2017 Audi Q7 is doing very well for an all-new feature-packed crossover. The competing Volvo XC90, in contrast, has a higher repair frequency than any other 2016 we have a stat for… More →

40th Car Reliability Stats Update

Do something four times a year for ten years, and you’ll have done it 40 times. Today’s update to TrueDelta’s car reliability stats, covering through the end of June 2016, is our 40th. I can’t believe it’s really been that many. Car reliability has improved dramatically since we began. For some models (including the 2013 Toyota Tacoma) dozens of members… More →

In Reliability: New Faces, New Scales, and by Generation

People sometimes find the breadth and depth of TrueDelta’s car reliability information overwhelming. Even those that don’t often want a quick snapshot of how a model has been faring over multiple model years. For both purposes we decided to add car reliability stats by model generation. What’s a model generation? When a car model receives a significant update, it begins… More →

The most and least reliable cars in our survey

My previous post included the models with the lowest reported repair frequencies for each model year. As noted in that past, this wasn’t entirely fair. Other models are close, and given sampling error and the meaninglessness of small differences are essentially just as reliable. So here’s a list of all models (among those we received at least 25 responses for)… More →

How often do cars require repairs as they age?

Before TrueDelta, nearly all publicly available car reliability information was relative to the average. While “better than average” certainly seemed preferable to “worse than average,” one key piece of information wasn’t provided: how high (or low) was the average? Did the average car require one repair per year? Two? More? No one without insider status knew. To fix this, I… More →

How would you like your data sliced?

Over the years we’ve added so many different ways to view TrueDelta’s car reliability information that some have flown under members’ radar. Maybe it would help to have a recap? We started with the number of successfully completed repair trips per year, calculated per 100 cars to remove the decimal. Some people want to focus on problems that can potentially… More →