The Best Car Reliability Information Hardly Anyone Sees

Much of TrueDelta’s car reliability information is only accessible by members. But do members know this information exists?

With the following types of reports do you:

–not realize (or forget) it exists

–know it exists, don’t see the point

–know it exists, see the point, but never visit the pages

–use this information

The reliability reports:

1. reliability stats that only include powertrain and chassis repairs (things that can make the car undriveable)

2. repair-odds stats: percentage of cars with no repairs and percentage of cars with 3+ repair trips in the past year (because averages don’t provide this information)

3. reliability trends (displayed, make it easier to compare model years and see where a car might be heading)

No one else does any of the above. But tree, forest. etc.

The pages with these stats aren’t used much. To what extent is this due to poor communication, both on the site and elsewhere?

All are accessible through the menus on the reliability home page.

  • I dunno. I just bought a used car and looked extensively at all this info as I made my decision about which one.

    But until I was in the market, I didn’t *need* this info for anything.

  • Andrew Gomolak

    Same for me. I’ve used it intermittently over the years, when curious about… or considering purchasing a particular vehicle. So, yes I was/am aware of the mass of data available.