Crunch time for the August results

We start each round of surveys on the first Tuesday of the month. So a few days remain to gather responses for the August results, which will cover members’ repair experiences through the end of June. This has been a difficult month. Response rates have been down compared to previous quarters. Just a few percentage points, but that represents hundreds… More →

A UK vehicle reliability survey

This morning I received an email from Britain’s Auto Express magazine, announcing that the results to “Britain’s top car reliability survey” had been posted here. Intrigued, I clicked through to check it out, and found that some European┬ámodels do quite well. At the model level, the top four are the Skoda Octavia (related to the VW Jetta), Land Rover Discovery… More →

What’s GM thinking with the Saturn Aura Hybrid’s pricing for 2009?

Last year GM introduced a “mild hybrid” variant of the Saturn Aura sedan. A relatively simple hybrid powertrain improved fuel economy by a couple miles per gallon on the EPA cycle compared to the regular four-cylinder. Not much of a gain, but then GM only charged $2,400 more for the “Green Line” version of the Aura. And this extra cash… More →

Another source of reliability information

From ehsnils at Subaru Legacy forum I just learned of another source of vehicle reliability information. The Swedish government agency that inspects all cars three or more years old posts its results to the web, here: Bilprovningen Inspection Results. They post not only the percentage of cars that failed the inspection, but which part was responsible for the failure.… More →